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16Washington Way


VA49367 Virginia Adair

(321)374 9821

25thMarch 2017

Ms.Elena, Walmart Cashier

45011Honeycut Ave,

Maricopa,AZ 85138

DearMs. Elena

Itis not easy to believe that this day we talked and dreamed about hasfinally arrived. Tomorrow will be your wedding day. I cannot imaginehow excited you are at this time after years of waiting and dreaming.You do not only have a perfect wedding, but also a surprisinglysupporting man in your life from tomorrow henceforth. You will wearthat white dress you selected and fulfill your lifetime desire andwishes you made in the past. You will finally agree that the weddingday is the best day in a woman’s life. I am sure that you willnever forget it throughout your life. In less than 15 hours to come,you will walk gracefully towards the courtyard where you will meet uswaiting for you and singing joyously. I am overly excited for thisevent like no other before. I write this letter to welcome you intoanother phase of your life in which gender, religion and family willbe the foundation of your life. I will address these three key thingsthat I would like you to know as my friend.

Icould not miss writing this letter to you as you make your vow. Iwanted you to know my family and I are really excited to see youhappy. You are very lucky to have found each other by choice. I haveno doubt that your time together has been nothing short of happiness.The story of your love was no doubt that it would leave long to seethis day and many others in future. It has been a pleasure to watchyou two grow from a tender age and friendship until your relationshipgrew to become even more meaningful. You are really privileged sincevery few relationships like yours end up in a marriage. I am gladthat you finally prove me wrong since I thought long friendshipsnever have happy endings. This is your happy ending and I withdrawall my arguments today as fate has declared. As my closest friend, Ifeel obliged to assist and support you in every way possibleincluding rendered advice for you in this marriage. Marriage is asocial institution set in accordance with the societal norms in whichsociological and philosophical ideas define each action that anindividual takes. In the prevailing society, marriage has beenmodernized with new norms depending on the parents, and friends whomay structure how couples act before them. Although these issues mayseem obvious they define each woman in marriage. People will talkabout for minor issues and errors in your marriage. I am here t tellyou that this marriage will work in your terms. Do not allow them tomake you sad ever after tomorrow. Friends and family will be there tosupport you whenever you need in this marriage. Always remember tomake a call when you deem help necessary since you will facechallenges in your life like many other people who married beforeyou. I personally had problems settling my usual behaviors aftergetting married. It took long before I realized that I married into aculture that was quite distinct from mine, and they had variousexpectations. As Whitford would argue, each person has knowledge ofalternatives, preferences, consequences, and decisions (Strong &ampCohen, 2013). However, a social norm will not allow you to make someof these decisions. In fact, you may come to realize that equality isnot always the rule of each day you spend with your husband. Thisattribute is part of the social theories that will define your lifewith Washington. I would like you to know that social conflicts maybe part of your life together. The wise man developed a socialconflict theory which stated that society comprised of unequal groupswith conflicts and changes. In a marriage, such groups are divided bysex where men grouped on one side and women on the other. On theother hand, feminism theory presents a condition where women want toenhance equality between the men and women in the society. Men andwomen may misunderstand this strive for equality with the trials todominate men. You must, therefore, be able to live in this dynamicnature of sexism until a compromise is attained.

Asyour title changes from “Ms” to “Mrs” by tomorrow, I wouldlike to seek refuge in Christ as you parents taught you. He will beyour hope in times of tribulation and challenges to encourage you andyour family. The happiest of all women is the one who exalts God overeverything else. The beauty that you have today reverberates from aninner spirit that will make you the dream wife of Washington. Youhave God given talents that you could not realize earlier. Yourpurpose in the family institution about to commence will not only beto create a home, but also to create its foundation in Jesus. Bringall your family members close to God and let them fear him since afamily in God never fails. It finds its way back since each person inthis institution perceives marriage as a divine gift that does notonly grow the church but also strengths the love between 2 people.The home that you will build with Washington will forever be yourrefuge and safe haven where challenges meet the living Christ. Thishome should be a sanctuary that Washington will never despise or failto return to. In Ephesians 4: 31-32, the Bible tells couples toprotect their door and never open it to anger, blame, bitterness orresentment. The four attributes will be the most threatening of allmarriage concerns. I would advise you not to allow them to grow inyour home since they will never stop if you allow them. Since youwill join Team Washington, you should desist allow calls forindependence and exalt humility and unity where a decision must bebetween you two. You should allow the love of God to guide sincemarriage expects disappointing, painful, demanding, and drudgingexperiences.

Thesecond institution will be your family with Washington. You may beblessed with children in future. Did you know that Maricopa Countyhad 4.243 million people by July 2016? Every marriage has a role toplay in the society. You will participate by getting children who cana different meaning to your relationship with Washington. When youget children, you will have a larger institution to care for with thesame passion and spirit you started after your marriage. You willraise your children by loving and being the best mother to them. Thisphase of marriage may be tough to understand properly until you areexperiencing it. There will be new responsibilities for you and yourhusband after childbirth. As a wife and husband, you will need toraise money for your family expenses like education in order toachieve the standards that the society has set. These commitments mayinfluence your relationship by determining when and how you meet.However, you should always make sure that you try maximally to showlove to your whole family without concentrating the efforts on oneperson. I know you will love them all equally and live happyafterward. Researchers inform that children behaviors are correlatedto those of their parents where good ones are related parentalcommitment and stable family life (Bott &amp Spillius, 2014). Youhave a chance to make start this venture of making a stable familyfrom tomorrow. This chance should not be wasted but rather used tocreate a good foundation with the values mentions in the aboveparagraphs. Finally, your family may have most of what you need tostart including a big farm and business. In the agrarian era, farmingwas used to develop financial capabilities for families. Even withthe present modernity, you have a chance to follow this unexploitedbusiness space in which you have resources. I hope you growprosperous and successful in your life.

Imay have a lot to tell you about the life in marriage, but I havealready expressed my main points. I pray the God guides you throughthis life and give you whatever to deserve. I pray that He gives youthe social control within the society that you are living in. Time isrunning out and your stage is ready now. You should rest tonightsince we need you lively and happy tomorrow. I will be there veryearly to make sure that everything else runs smooth throughout theceremony.




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