24th March 2017

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24thMarch 2017

Troublethe Waters

Persuasivethesis of the video

Dealand Lessen present a powerful message of the resilience, toughness,and strength of a community after being hit hard by the hurricane andthe many other misfortunes that followed the calamity. The directors,Deal and Lessin, present a portrait of a society hit by a storm,images of devastation, heart-breaking emergency calls, dispatch forhelp, and search for shelter, gunshot, FEMA bureaucracy, eviction,and traumatic stress (00:31:23-00:34:26). Out of these series ofevents and troubles, the directors exhibit the same communitystruggling to regain its lost glory, the rebuilding of levees,reconstruction and rehabilitation of the lost beauty.

Useethos, pathos, and Logos in construction


Thecommunity is characterized by people who love community engagement,love for music and entertainment and also swimming. This communitywas knit together and lived in unity, love, and integration. Kimberlyand Scott after waiting for the rescue team without response, theydecide to lead a team to a naval base. It is ahardworkingcommunity as we see Kimberly building her music career and Scotmaking ends meet through carpentry.


Thestorm was more than a disaster worth fearing, but a monster thatconsumed people`s lives. One of the most horrific situations is whenKimberley captures a terrifying scene while in her attic the stormraging the neighborhood as the victims huddle together praying andsharing food. The situation left after Katrina- massive destruction,desperation and loss of life, evokes pity and helplessness.


Thiscommunity is religious and practise piety.Whenthe storms start raging in the neighbourhood, Kimberly shoots theneighbours praying and seeking divine guidance. While Kimberly is inthe attic, the neighbours remain worried and hoping for help fromanywhere. They burst forth into prayer (00:22:15-00:23:10). Theybelieved in the working of the supernatural.

Effectivenessof the persuasive message

Yes,the message is effective. Since the directors portray a desperatesituation of disillusionment and horrible massive destruction, thecommunity depicts the impetus to fight, build, reconstruct andrehabilitate the destroyed community.


TroubleThe Waters.United States of America: Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, 2008. DVD.