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AModest Proposal


AModest Proposal to End Police Brutality towards African AmericanMales, Bring Justice to the Family Members of Victims, and InstillDiscipline among Police Officers.


Thereis a high prevalence of police brutality in the United States, andespecially among African-American males. Despite the fact thatAfrican Americans make only a small percentage of the Americanpopulation, the rate of police killings in these segment of thepopulation is significantly higher than that of Native American andHispanics. Besides, recent days has seen an increase in the number ofpolice killings of innocent persons of black origin. A case at handis the killing of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson. Inthis incidence, Michael was in the company of a friend walkingtowards the house of Michael’s grandmother. A police officerconfronted the two and asked them to clear from the street. The tworesponded saying they were almost to their destination and would soonbe out of the street. However, the police stopped and began to attackMichael and his friend. The police followed the two and shot atMichael Brown. He turned around and raised his hands, but the policeofficer continued firing shots that struck Michael. Ultimately, hislifeless body helplessly fell down on the street with a thud. Allthis while, Michael’s friend saw the events unfold while hidingbehind a car (McLaughlin).


Inthe backdrop of the above incident, there is an urgent need to remedythe current menace. A viable solution to end police brutality towardsAfrican Americans will involve mob lynching of the police officerfound to have committed that crime. Upon finding out solid evidenceincriminating a particular police officer to police brutality,members of the public should gang up and kill him.


Thisproposed solution has a high chance of ending police brutality in theAmerican society. First, mob lynching will serve to restorediscipline among rogue police officers. Rogue police officers willsee the killing of their colleague and shy away from such vices.Secondly, mob lynching will help the family members of the victim toreceive justice. Thirdly, the society will have the opportunity tocontrol the issues affecting them in their environment. Fourth, theapproach will save the victim’s family members and the prosecutingside from wasting resources in lengthy litigation processes. Fifth,mob lynching of police officers involved in police brutality will endracism in the society. In fact, racism contributes a lot to policebrutality towards African Americans. Sixth, the above solution willserve to restore relations between the police and the public.


However,there are chances that some quarters will criticize the proposedsolution on the basis that it violates human rights and rights ofaccused persons. These arguments have no moral ground because policeofficers who kill unarmed individuals are the greatest violators ofhuman rights of the victims. For this reason, it is equally just forthem to lose their lives through mob lynching. Besides, the police donot effectively investigate crimes involving fellow police officersinvolved in crime leading to weak prosecution cases.


Certainly,police brutality against African Americans is a major problem in theAmerican society and requires an urgent solution. Mob lynching ofpolice officers involved in such violation of human rights is atangible solution to the current problem. In particular, the solutionwill help family members to get justice, instill discipline amongrogue police officers, and the wastage of resources and time inlengthy litigation processes. Moreover, the above solution will go along way to ending racism in the American society.


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