A Response Regarding Jackie Manner`s Post

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AResponse Regarding Jackie Manner’s Post

A Response Regarding Jackie Manner’s Post

Jackie’s post is captivating to read as it shows a sheerdetermination in undertaking a course related to social change. Sheloves society changes. She is passionate about social issues thatcomprise sewing, and her story is developed using credible facts.Consequently, upon graduation, she will be of great help to thecommunity members especially to the minimal wage earners. The essayis exciting to reads as Jackie provides a personal experienceregarding phone use. Her experience concerning the advancement ofcomputers and phone is similar to Iris who witness rapid changes inrural electrification and genetically modified materials in the 20thcentury (Massey,2016). However, Jackie differs from Iris as she focuseson the advancement of social issues and reduce poverty and wealthgap.


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