A Summary on “Loot or Find Fact or Frame” Article

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A Summary on “Loot or Find: Fact or Frame” Article

A Summary on “Loot or Find: Fact or Frame” Article

The articlediscusses the media coverage on Hurricane Katrina that occurred in2005. The article has also presented a response to the people towardsKatrina. This essay gives a summary of the key issues discussed in“Loot or Find: Fact or Frame&quot article.

Many people believe that the picture of the individual who wascrossing the flooded waters had carried some foodstuffs with them. Inthe case of the African in the film, there are allegations that hehad looted them from a shop. On the other hand, goods carried by thewhite man and woman are said to have been found on the way. Themedia portrays racial differences amongst the people. Thephotographers are the only ones who can explain the facts about theimages. The photographer who took the photo of the African said thathe saw the man loot the food. Thus, they termed him as a looter(Harris &amp Carbado, 2006 Para. 4). In the case of the white manand woman, the photographer claims that there were many people in theflooded water and there were foodstuffs that were drowning from anearby shop. The whites just picked the food as it was floating.Thus, they found the food and did not loot (Harris &amp Carbado,2006 Para. 5).

According to theresponse made by investigators, the virtue of racism can only beeliminated through empirical research. Racial perception should betaken with distrust when it comes to events (Harris &amp Carbado,2006 Para. 9). The picture used has a lot of information as it showsthe degree of racial discrimination amongst the Americans. The factsgiven about the pictures cannot be relied on, as there was noresearch carried about the same. After the response by the people,the blacks are being perceived to have great potential to contributethe development of the country. In conclusion, the article is aboutracial discrimination amongst the Americans and the way they basedfacts in the race. The report later emphasizes on empirical researchto obtain facts.


Harris, C. I., &amp Carbado, D. W. (2006). Loot or find: Fact orframe?. After the storm: Black intellectuals explore the meaningof Hurricane Katrina, 87-110.