AA Meeting

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AnAA meeting refers to a union or fellowship, which comprises both menand women who often have a similar thing in common. They may sharedifferent experiences or strengths. The AA meeting is aimed atsolving problems, which alcoholic individuals encounter in theirdaily lives. The commencement of AA meeting started in mid-1930swhere Bill Wilson formed the organization following his struggle withboth professional and personal life that disrupted his education dueto high dependence on alcohol (Westermeyer, 2014). Under the impactof alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous decentralization as it is, nowpresents itself in a vast variety of groups and formats, which givesunderstandings of AA realities in a person’s life.

Thealcoholics anonymous, referred as AA is one of the program practicedin some parts of the world towards achieving goals related toovercoming social problems such as addiction or reliant on thechemical dependency. Over the past years, the AA meeting has showntheir effectiveness, where those who undergo the programs oftenrediscover their forms, and in the long run, they tend to pursuit ina lifelong recovery hence good family lifestyle. In the AA meetingmechanism, it is straightforward and also fair in its contents sinceit is used in environments that supports individuals at differentstages of recovery and further extends to persons who still drinkalcohol.

UnitedStates is an example of nations in the world that conduct AA meetingsthrough organizing of small groups. The simplicity of program makesmany people attend since there are no charges involved as opposed toother meetings that need adherence of philosophy, political influenceor even the religion beliefs. Following this perspective, it remainsopen where one can join at will. The AA meeting is a global effortgeared towards making individuals in need to remain sober and at thesame time, help the alcoholics achieve their state of sobriety(Westermeyer, 2014).

Tosum up, s poses numerous benefits as it gives a platformwhere people with problems interact and in the process, they get tolearn about how to support and help one another. The meeting alsogives people opportunity to have long-term recovery and mentors alsotake their time to assist others who may be new to AA meetingconcept.


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