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Isit right to have an abortion? The topic of abortion has faced a lotof controversies among legal practitioners, religious leaders, healthprofessionals, and the general public. Abortion can be described asthe process of intentionally terminating a pregnancy, hence killingthe fetus (Kaczor, 2015). Despite people having varied views aboutabortion, the issue remains a moral dilemma among the concernedparty. The research paper tries to argue for and against abortion.


Proponentsof abortion argue that abortion is right and thus people ought to beallowed to choose whether or not to have a baby (Harrison, 2013).Abortion is not a criminal offense because the fetus does not haveany rights, as compared to a person. One of the issues surroundingthe topic of abortion is whether a fetus qualifies to be a baby.Abortion proponents assert that fetus is just a glob of cells, hencenot eligible to be a baby. A fetus does not have fully developed orfunctioning organs like a person therefore, one cannot argue thatabortion is murder (Kaczor, 2015). Additionally, abortion is a safeway of controlling overpopulation, which has become a major challengein the modern world. It is important to understand that abortion isnot the only way to reduce the general population, but without it,the world could suffer from a major population incidence.

Philosophershave provided their side of the topic by analyzing the concept of“wrong”. Morality is an ideology that human beings have createdand can be subjective. An individual’s perspective towards abortioncan be entirely different from another person’s point of view. Assuch, what one person regards as wrong could be right for anotherindividual. On the other hand, people should not be allowed to havekids against their will. For instance, some cases of sexual violenceturn end up with pregnancy. It is, therefore, the decision by a womanto abort the pregnancy could be the only solution to heal such sexualtrauma.


Opponentsof abortion believe that abortion is murder, thus a criminal offense.Healthcare professionals assert that “fetus is a living human beingsince life begins at conception” (Greasley, 2017). Based on thisargument, it is not just to commit murder because of some reasonssuch as rape. Human life is sacred and ought to be protected at allcost. Abortion is evil and genocide that the society has allowed togo on beneath our noses. A child has the right to live and deserves achance to grow.

Religiousviews on abortion have been adamant, stipulating that abortion is acrime and sin before the eyes of God. Most religious books, includingthe Bible, state that “thou shall not kill” implying thatabortion is wrong and people practicing it are rebelling against thehigher authority (Greasley, 2017). God has the power to give life andis the only one with the right to take it back.


Inconclusion, the topic of abortion can be approached from differentperspectives and justified through various frameworks. People in themodern society have encountered and experienced numerous cases ofabortion, and are still skyrocketing. Abortion has been legalized invarious countries such as the United States, India, and Australia,among others. Therefore, it is important to establish a moral senseabout the issue before being cornered to the situation.


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