Achievements of Thomas Jefferson

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Achievementsof Thomas Jefferson

Achievementsof Thomas Jefferson

The world had great people who are remembered for their admirableaccomplishments. Some of them were freedom fighters, scientists,faith martyrs, and artists. The achievements of celebrities arerecorded in history and used as points of reference. Every nation hastheir celebrities. The paper will discuss the achievements of ThomasJefferson.

Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia, in 1743. In his studies, hemajored in law and at one time, he was defending the freedom ofslaves. Besides, he represented Virginia in Continental Congressduring America Revolution and later became the United States Ministerto France. Together with James Madison, they formed a Democratic -Republican Party that was to oppose the ruling party, the FederalistParty (Randall&amp Warsal, 2014).&nbsp

Thomas Jefferson was one of the America founding fathers and who wasthe author of Declaration of Independence. In 1797, he was elected asthe vice president of the United States under President John Adams upto 1801. Since 1801, he was elected as the president of the UnitedStates where he ruled until 1809.

In his reign, he was able to achieve the nation`s trade and shippinginterest opposing the Barbary pirates and the bad British tradingpolicies. He almost doubled the country`s territory after organizingthe purchasing of Louisiana. He also negotiated for peace withFrance, which reduced America administration military forces.

He had specialized in surveying, Mathematics, horticulture andMechanics. He also had a great interest in religion and philosophy,which enabled him to become the United States third president. Hefollowed Christianity and deism. In addition, he was linguistic.Finally, Thomas Jefferson was the founding father of the Universityof Virginia. He designed the university building, curriculum andbecoming the first rector.

In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson will always be remembered for hisoptimism characters and good leadership skills he portrayed. Thefact, he is the America founding father, third American president andthe founder of the University of Virginia makes him great. Besides,his religious beliefs make him one of the most famous people in theworld`s history.


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