Advantages of Using an Interdisciplinary Approach in the Study of Social Problems

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Advantagesof Using an Interdisciplinary Approach in the Study of SocialProblems

InterdisciplinaryApproach is a technique of study that has been very essential in thecurrent curriculum. It uses various disciplinary approaches to dealwith certain issues that might occur. Just like any other discipline,it is a technique, which has its own advantages and disadvantages.Nevertheless, Interdisciplinary Approach has numerous advantagescompared to its demerits. This paper examines the advantages of usingan interdisciplinary approach in the study of social problems.

Advantagesof Using an Interdisciplinary Approach

Theuse of Interdisciplinary Approach helps in using various techniquesto solve a particular social problem this is because a singledisciplinary approach might not succeed in employing the usage of allthe existing inquiry methods and minimize the understanding of thesocial scientists. Interdisciplinary Approach uses numeroustechniques of solving a social problem thus it is always easy toaddress an issue with Interdisciplinary Approach than using singledisciplinary approach (Hunt &amp Colander, 2014).

Inaddition, a singledisciplinary approach might restrict the level of understanding bymainly depending on certain kinds of interpretation and sources.Nevertheless, interdisciplinary approach does not rely on therestricted definition and sources. Therefore, regardless of the typeof social problem, interdisciplinary approach always helps in solvingsuch problems due to its consistency with all the differentobservations that it makes on certain issues. It does not havegreater risks of offering inconsistent theories that do not offersolutions to problems during the study of social problems (Hunt&amp Colander, 2014).

InterdisciplinaryApproach does not limit the understanding of individuals on thesocial phenomena. It is attributed to the fact that it uses all theempirical sources and methodologies to address various problems thatmight be experienced during the study of social problems. As aresult, it employs the usage of different techniques of solving avariety of questions in a unique manner. It helps students to examinesocial issues in various perspectives based on the extent of theproblems and the distinct approaches needed to solve such issues(Hunt &amp Colander, 2014).


Inshort, interdisciplinary approach in the study of social problems isvery important due to its ability to help individuals in linkingvarious concepts and issues across various disciplines. It enablesindividuals to approach certain problems using diversifiedapproaches. As a result, there are no difficulties in finding asolution to a particular social problem. Also, the approach deepensthe understanding of individuals who are studying a particular socialproblem.


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