Amending the Constitution

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Amendingthe Constitution

TheUnited States’ constitution is fervently difficult to alter at apersonal level. However, it is evident that some articles andamendments of the constitution need to be restructured to make itmore attractive to the citizens and reflect what they believe.Alteration of various articles and amendments would bring about themuch-needed changes in the country.

Oneparticular aspect of the Constitution that I would not hesitate toalter is the second amendment that allows people to own gunsaprotection mechanism. Fundamentally, legalization of guns is one ofthe factors that have necessitated more number of civilian deaths inthe U.S (Carter 246). The right to self-protection has been ignoredand abused by gun holders who have used the guns to instigateviolence. The misuse of guns is a menace that needs to be avertedspeedily.

Peopletend to use guns and cause destruction under the guise of defendingtheir lives and property. Once the guns are outlawed, the countrywould be a secure place to live. The fact that gun holders have beenusing their guns to intimidate others would enable me to move up tospeed and ensure that guns are only left under the ownership ofsecurity forces. That would be the first step to ensuring that thereare no more mysterious deaths occurring in the country.

Insummation, police officers should take the sole responsibility ofprotecting civilians and their property in order to minimize theissuance of guns in the country. Allowing civilians to protectthemselves by using guns would be a recipe for violence in thecountry, leading to the loss of more lives. Therefore, I would besteadfast in eliminating the second amendment of the constitution asa way of maintaining peace in the country.


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