American Food Customs and Habits

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AmericanFood Customs and Habits

Thebody requires food to carry out its function as required. The foodcan be either vegetable, animal products or the animal flesh (whitemeat or red meat). Food contains very important sources ofnourishment like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, andfats. These nutrients have different functions in the body, and thismakes the body require different quantity of the nutrients. Intradition, Americans commonly relied on seafood such as lobster,crayfish, crabs, salmon and much more. The Native Americans alsodepended on livestock and wild animals, which they boiled some partsand roasted the other parts. This essay presents a unique review ofthe American`s diets, with the key focus on the role of food in ourlives.

Foodplays a key function in the life of Americans today. This is largelybecause body requires a healthy balance diet to carry out itsfunction properly. A well-balanced diet consists of carbohydrates,proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. Ideally, food helps in thegrowth and development of the body. For an individual to have ahealthy growth, the person needs to consume the food, which isresponsible for the growth. For instance, a child eating food withfewer minerals and vitamins, the child will experience stunted growthand have weaker muscles. Proteins are the essential building block ofbody tissues (Vaidyanathan et al. 532). Children and adolescent agedyouths are required to take a diet, which is rich in proteins someof the food includes meat, eggs, beans, fish, cheese, and tofu.

Proteins,fats, and minerals are also for the development of body tissues,which actually results in the body health. When the body has notproperly developed, there is a high risk of sufferings from somediseases like inflammatory bowel disease, Down syndrome, and celiacdisease among others. Another vital role of food in life is theprovision of energy (Baiet al. 3715).For one to walk, write, run, speak, think, or perform any task theperson needs energy. Food is the source of fuel that the bodyrequires to perform day-to-day duties. The body gets energy fromcarbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The body requires one to consumemany carbohydrates, protein, or fats. The body will be able toconvert the excess carbohydrates or protein to fats, which are storedin the body. During starvation, the body converts the stored fatsinto energy to help in the performance of the daily duties. Some ofthe foods said to be rich in energy includes brown rice, sweetpotato, honey, bananas, apples, spinach, beans, and salmon.

Apartfrom the physical energy and mental energy, the body also requiresenergy to assist in the metabolism process, digestion, andabsorption. The body requires full metabolism to take place in thebody to prevent the production of harmful products in the body. Sweetpotatoes are sources of carbohydrates the contain vitamin A andvitamin. To avoid the midday fatigue, it`s advisable to take sweetpotato in the morning. Apples contain high fiber this makes themhard to digest easily but when digested they give a lot of energy.Spinach is a source of energy. It is necessary to eat spinach as asalad during lunch hours Spinach is also a source of protein.

Thirdly,the food eaten helps in the repair and maintenance of body cells. Newcells develop in the body every day and the cells also die every daydue to injuries, as a result of this, one needs to eat food which isresponsible for the repair of body cells. The body needs vitamin,proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats to maintain its cellfunctions. Essential minerals such as phosphorus and calcium arevital the building and maintaining healthy tissues. Calcium helps tostrengthen bones and teeth while phosphorus plays a greater role inthe development of DNA and cell membrane. Carbohydrates provide theenergy required for cell division fats provides acid, which promoteshealthy cell membrane. Vitamins help in the maintenance of bodytissue. For instance, vitamin A regulates the activities of genes inthe cell growth. It also leads to the development of skin tissues,which are healthy.

Awell-balanced diet, which consists of healthy food, helps to maintainbody weight and size (Veling105).Foods, which are highly rich in fats, can cause obesity when consumedin excess. The balanced diet also prevents infection of malnutritiondiseases like marasmus which is caused due to insufficient protein,kwashiorkor caused by insufficient protein, anemia resulting frominsufficient iron and vitamin B12 (Sun et al. 24). It is advisable totake a well-balanced diet every day. With respect to the duties, ourbody undertakes throughout the day, a lot of energy is required andso it is recommended that one should take foods, which are rich inenergy. This will prevent fatigue during the day and improves thealertness of an individual. The meals should contain at leastprotein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats to supplement the bodywith the necessary nutrients. From the point of view, the decision wemake in eating some foods depends on a number of factors, includingthe environment we are living in. Since there are different food inthe various regions, individual (including Americans) are often drawninto selecting most available and desirable food to consume.

Thequality of the food always gives it a higher consideration when itcomes to choice I will not prefer that someone is going for alow-quality food when there is an option of a quality one. Quality isalways the pride of everyone, and to serve your body with therequired amount of nutrients, quality food is recommendable. Theprice of the food can make someone to choose the type food the personneed. The poor cannot afford costly food, and this makes make themtake what matches their pocket. Many people prefer locally availablefoods one only uses what is available, and that is why the decisionmade towards the food depends on its availability. The mood ofindividual dictates the type and the amount of food eaten at aparticular time. If annoyed you may feel okay and no need to eatwhile also in a sober mood one may feel like eating a larger amountof food just for fun or satisfaction. The approach given to fooddepends on the change in diet when eating it is recommendable tochange diet to avoid some of the malnutrition diseases. The abilityof the ingredients to be toxic should be considered, this wouldprevent the body cells from infections.

Inconclusion, based on the above discussions on the importance of food,it is important that Americans take a balanced diet. A well balancedkeeps the body healthy and way from hospitals. That is, theirprimary focus needs to be on the consumption of meals that containall the essential nutrients.


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