American Ground Un-building the World Trade Center

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AmericanGround: Un-building the World Trade Center

AmericanGround: Un-building the World Trade Center


Aninformal group in an organization is formed by employees who sharecommon interests but without a direction from the management. Aninformal group differs from a formal group since it is not created bythe management as opposed a formal group created by the management(Kaho, 2017). Again, a formal group in an organization has astructure as opposed to an informal one that does not have astructure.


Informalgroups are formed spontaneously the moment people in an organizationstart interacting and sharing common interests. Informal groupsinfluence activities of public organizations because they are formedwithin these entities, and if their concerns are not addressed, theymay paralyze the functioning of these institutions (Kaho, 2017). Idon’t think if these groups are justified in making demands onmanagement because their goals may conflict with the objectives of anorganization as compared to formal groups that are aligned with theobjectives. The informality on how they develop makes them lesslegitimate. For instance, if their goals conflict with the managementobjectives, it implies that they are less legitimate.


Theseinformal groups came together in the case of un-building the WorldTrade Center because they shared a common interest and had workedtogether at the site for over a week helping in the rescue operations(Langewiesche, 2002).


Informalgroups exert huge influence over public management because they formtribes and attempt to advance certain goals to gain support frominternally and larger society. The main cause of the disagreement inthis case was the development of tribal mentality of us-against-themby the mere fact that the groups wore different uniforms and haddeep-harbored historical hostilities (Langewiesche, 2002). Forinstance, the firefighters had a tribal conviction that the deaths oftheir colleagues were important than others.


Themayor and the DDC official started meetings with the officials of thetribes at the site, especially the firefighters. They insisted thatrules must apply in the recovery operations, and all tribes mustadhere to them. Different methods were used to defuse the conflictincluding collaboration, meeting the widows of the dead firemen,creating a compensation process for the widows, and appointing amanager of the recovery operations (Langewiesche, 2002). Morefundamentally, they created formal communication channels for allstakeholders, especially the bereaved families.

Ithink the interventions were successful because they defused thetensions and the tribal conflict that had emerged at the site. Theseinterventions helped in having organized recovery efforts and reducedchances of hazards occurring at the debris pile.


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