Amy Tan Mother Tongue

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AmyTan Mother Tongue

AmyTan earlier on had a lot of challenges with regard to building amother tongue language to perfection. The paper shows how sheembraced that weakness and chose on working to make it a strength.There is the display of her remarkable commitment to learning theEnglish language as well as the challenges faced in the process. Thewhole context, therefore, proves that with determination and practicelearning comes a little bit easier. Amy Tan’s approach to thisqualities is proper proof as she comes out as a successful author.Through Amy Tan’s life experience it is simple to have the author’sgoal restated, pointing out of key points and coming up with anexplanation as to why demographics audience will have lots ofchallenges.

Theimportant points of the learning process of Amy Tan are accompaniedby a number of different sacrifices. How much Amy Tan was focused onin ensuring that communication is not a challenge shows thewillingness to learn. She had accepted that mother tongue was a greatinfluence on the ways she communicated and was set to ensure that asolution to that was discovered. She gave English most of her timewhich helped her come up with the most basic ideas in learning suchas one time when she made the buildup images and expression inwriting her book, “The Joy Luck Club.” The main idea, therefore,is showing a girl with poor language background dedicated to pursuingliterature, therefore, making it easier to believe anyone can getsuccess through determination and practices (Tan, 4).

Theyoung are more likely to benefit from the audience of Amy Tan’slife of dedication and practice. That is because their lives haveroom for adjusting and that is through trying out new staff with theanticipation of meeting a success. The demographics, however, willhave different types of challenges. They have tried and failed ondifferently occasions in life, therefore, killing their zeal to bewilling to go as far as Amy went. The other challenge will be thatthese groups of individuals have fixed interests about their age andtherefore changing their state of mind will be considered difficult.

Inconclusion, it is evident that through proper determination andpractice a mother tongue language can be built to perfection just asAmy Tan did. Through her work, it is simple to be able to determinethe author`s goal restated, key points in the whole context and thepotential challenges among a demographic audience.


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