An Integrated Marketing Strategy for Nike Cleats

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The external integrated marketing strategy aims to fuse traditionaland modern marketing techniques. The approach provides a reliable andefficient tool for conveying the company`s brand to relevantstakeholders by allowing exploitation of sales opportunities. Thestrategy utilizes external elements such as advertising and promotionagencies that work closely to deliver a joint solution. The paper,therefore, presents an examination of how external integratedmarketing strategy applies to the marketing of ‘Nike` cleats. Also,the paper presents the target audience for the Nike cleats andfurther analyses the target market and its characteristics regardingbuyer motivation, demographic, and psychographics traits. The paperfurther describes the positioning strategy of the Nike brand againstcompetitors, the campaigns of promotions, advertising, and publicrelations, and the use of internet and direct marketing of the brand.

  1. Nike cleat

The ‘Nike` cleat is a sports studded shoe that can be worn by adiverse range of athletes when playing games such as rugby, soccer,American football, and baseball. The primary function of the cleat isto provide grip, stability, and support on the field. Nike brandoffers athletes with the exact fit, traction and the support requiredfor practice and actual play. Nike cleats are designed in a way thatit has a perforated sock liner which enables proper aeration of feetduring tough games, and thus minimizes sweat and keep the playercomfortable while playing. Also, the cleat has a cushioned midsolethat provides comfort and prevents the foot muscles from straining.The brand has both removable and molded spikes designs. The moldedspike design offers versatility on various playing surfaces, whilethe removable studs allow athletes to change worn out studs whileretaining the original sole. Besides, the brand offers both plasticand metal spikes providing athletes with different choices that meetboth local and international sporting regulations.

  1. Target market

The target customers for Nike cleats consists of both armatures andprofessional athletes who play rugby, soccer, American football, andbaseball. With regards to buyer motivation, the concept provides afocus on how consumer motives affect the decision of buying aproduct. Consumers tend to buy products that help them achieve aspecific objective (Haghshenas et al. 2013). Considering the Nikecleats, the players` urge to get the job done on the field leads toan increased demand of appropriate cleats among them. Also,individuals who play the games with a motive of pleasure forms amarket opportunity for the Nike brand. Besides, Nike targetsindividuals who buy sports cleats as presents for their loved ones.

With considerations to the demographic characteristics, the brandtargets both the young and adult populations. Adult athletes who playin the club levels, as well as those playing for leisure activities,form potential customers. Parents also form the target audience forthe product as they buy cleats for supporting their kids` sportslife. The young adults in colleges and high school teams provide animportant market segment for the Nike cleats as they profoundlyengage in sports as part of their co-curriculum. The brand targetsboth male and female gender customers as they all participateactively in field games. Also, due to the product`s affordability,the business targets individuals from both low and high economicbackgrounds.

In regards to psychographic characteristics, the lifestyle of thetarget market influences consumer behavior towards a product (Kotler&amp Armstrong, 2016). The target customers of Nike cleats have anathletic lifestyle, providing an ideal market for the product.

  1. Overall marketing strategy

The external integrated marketing approach for Nike cleatsincorporates the concepts of integrated marketing communications(IMC) and market orientation (MO). Due to the variety of marketingchannels, the strategy ensures that the marketing message does notbecome confusing or disjointed. Furthermore, the approach providesattention to the marketing message and marketing piece to ensureconsistency regardless of the media used. To establish a competitiveadvantage the approach utilizes product positioning strategy. Nikecleat is positioned directly against competitor brands by displayingthe product`s inherent qualities that make it different from otherbrands. The technique emphasizes on defining and communicating thebenefits of Nike cleats and the unique features it offers to theprospective customers, thus dictating the outcomes of comparingbrands among customers.

  1. Promotion and Advertising

The company aims to promote the product by the use of special offersand discount coupons offered to the target clients. The objective ofthe sales promotion is to drive the demand from new customers as theybecome motivated to buy the company`s cleats from the perceivedsavings they can get through the special offers and the discountcoupons. In advertising, the firm uses professional athletecelebrities to represent an ideal consumer of the product. When thetarget consumers see their favorite celebrities use Nike cleats, theybecome motivated to mimic the celebrities. As a result, the targetcustomers start purchasing the product. For example, an advertisementplaced on television features the world`s top soccer players wearingNike cleats, making great moves against their opponents and scoringfanciful goals.

  1. Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) are largely linked with communication eventsthat are designed to craft and preserve company`s image and therelationship to the public (Mikacova &amp Gavlakova, 2014). PR is avital component that helps to support the value and supremacy of acompany`s brand to stakeholders. To establish and maintain ahigh-level relationship with the target population, attending publicevents serves as an excellent public relation technique for the NikeCompany. The public events recommended for attendance consist ofsports tournaments, events regarding green technology and charityevents. At sports tournaments, the PR representatives can talk abouthow the features of the product make it the best as compared to otherbrands, as well as the promotional activities that the companycurrently offer. At green technology events, the representatives cantalk about the environmental measures that the firm puts in place toensure an eco-friendly production of its products. As customers donot like being associated with irresponsible businesses, the talksabout safe methods of production help to create a responsible imageof the organization to the public and thus contributes to maintainingits customers. Attending and sponsoring charity events helps inwinning large numbers of customers as the public sees theorganization to practice corporate social responsibility. Therefore,speaking publicly at such events enables the firm to directly reachthe people attending the events that lead to passing the message to alarger audience.

  1. Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet tochannel promotional messages to customers. In the current businessworld, it is hard to beat competition without going online (Kisurina,2013). Internet communication channels help to create and increasebrand awareness to a new audience who have become more fragmented andcynical due to the rapid technological changes. The website is one ofthe tools that Nike brand utilizes to conduct internet marketing.Uploading pictures and videos of the product on the website, as wellas writings that describe product`s unique features markets theproduct to internet users. The website is cost effective as it ischeaper than the physical retail outlet marketing as there is nohiring of sales people. Also, the use of website enablespersonalization of offers to customers by establishing purchasingpreference and history profiles. The company can track productinformation and web pages that prospective customers frequentlyvisit, making it easier to set target offers that matches theaudience interests. Keeping a track on the website visits eases theplanning of cross-selling campaigns that increase sales volume.Additionally, customers can submit their reviews on the website,which helps in building a sense of community between the company andclients.

The use of email to send promotional messages to customers is anefficient technique of online marketing. Emails provide platforms forestablishing customer relations and also promotes customer retention.When customers purchase products online, a relationship is created bysending follow up emails such as thank you notes and transactionconfirmation messages. Emails make it easier to reach a wider rangeof audience without the obstacles of distance and geographicalbarriers. Also, use of email delivers immediate results as it enablesreal-time interactions with customers.

  1. Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a method of advertising that allows a business tocommunicate directly to the target customers through various media.As a way of promoting the Nike cleats with a bigger impact, thecompany uses direct sales representatives to approach individuals andorganizations. For instance, the company approaches sportsorganizations in clubs and learning institutions to promote theproduct. The aim of direct marketing is to build strong relationshipswith target clients and to motivate them to buy the firm`s product.For effective direct marketing, the company makes use of CustomerRelationship Management (CRM). CRM is a technique for managing anorganization`s interactions and relationships with both existing andtarget customers. CRM system helps in collecting, organizing, andmanaging information concerning customers such as customer feedbacks,tastes, and preferences. The sharing of customer information withinthe organization promotes teamwork within the firm resulting tobetter services to clients that in turn leads to increasedprofitability. Also, CRM enables the business to optimize its market.Through CRM, the firm can understand customer behaviors and needswhich allow identification of the right time to market the product tocustomers. Furthermore, CRM helps to bring out ideas regarding themost profitable customer groups. The company can use such informationto concentrate its marketing force to the prospective groups therebyoptimizing its marketing resources. Besides, CRM helps in improvingcustomer loyalty as it establishes improved dealings with clients.Additionally, CRM forms a platform for understanding customer issuesresulting in high customer retention level, while at the same timehelps to win back former customers.

In conclusion, the integrated marketing strategy for Nike cleatsuses external approach so as to provide a reliable and efficientchanneling of the brand to relevant stakeholders. The target marketconsists of athletes who play different ball games. The promotionaltechniques include special offers and discount coupons, whileadvertisements feature celebrities. Attending public events isrecommended as a public relation technique for the Nike Company. Thecompany uses website and email to conduct internet marketing. Directmarketing is used to communicate directly to customers, while at thesame time uses Customer Relationship Management to manage theorganization`s interactions and relationships with existing andtarget customers.


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