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1.Inwhat ways does Wordsworth`s poem The World Is Too Much with Use orPoems poem Sonnet To Science illustrate some of the centralcharacteristics of Romantic poetry?

Inthe poetry, there is a romantic attachment to the writer and nature.According to the writer, people have been obsessed with getting andspending unaware of the beauties of nature. He blames the decrease insensitivity towards nature to the increasing levels of urbanization.The main focus of everyone is how to get money and use of their timeto accumulate wealth such that they end up missing the fact thatnature is something that needs to be owned. He terms this as peopleselling their souls. The romance that the writer has with nature isbrought out when he wishes that people would appreciate amazingevents such as the moon shining over the ocean and winds blowing. Hepictures people as off the wavelength of nature (Stafford,2012).

2.Howis the narrator in Poem the Man of the Crowd implicitly threatened bythe old man and how does he resolve the threat?

Thestory of the narrator and the old man come at the start of the finalpart of the story. He recognizes the princess of an old man in thestreet different from the rest of the crowd. According to thenarrator, he is unable to recognize the countenance that the old manpossesses hence he is unable to group him with the different peoplein the streets at night. In order to understand the old man, thenarrator decides to sneak behind the old man try to put together thesort of wild history that the old man might have been through. In thequest to know the facts that made the old man different from theother people, he finally concludes that the old man is the group ofpeople who are the genius in deep crimes. He claims that he is unableto get out the secrets of the old man because they are so deep andcan’t be known by just observing the old man

3.Howis Akaky Akakievich, the protagonist of Gogol`s The Overcoatrepresented in the eyes of the story’s narrator?

Accordingto the narrator, Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin is an insignificant andmocked protagonist in The Overcoat. Akaky, unlike other protagonistswho transform into heroes as the play comes to an end, he is a loserfrom the start to the end of the play. He is brought out as an ugly,poor, old and unable to build up complete sentences whencommunicating with other people. He is one an awkward person and alow-ranking official such that he doesn’t get the respect from thepeople despite his hard work and dedication to his job. From the nameitself, there is a strange pronunciation making the character, evenmore, weirder.

4.Towardsthe end of Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the protagonistthinks to himself, something must be wrong. Perhaps I did not live asI should have. But how could that be when I did everything one issupposed to he replied and immediately dismissed the one solution tothe whole enigma of life and death, considering it utterly impossible(102). What is the significance of this quote in the context of thenovella?

InThe Death of Ivan Ilyich, Tolstoy the analysis of the things thatmake one happy in life are looked at by use of death. According tothe writer Ivan Ilyich, who is the main character in the player has alifestyle that involves, spending money, playing bridge which is hisfavorite Ans buying thing so that he can impress his friends. Later,his life changes and he tries to evaluate if he has been doing thingsthe right way according to the laws governing living. in the play, wecan see that there is evidence showing that the main character liveda wrong life which was definitely unhappy. According to him, he didnot live as per Gods expectations such that he did not fulfill theGod intended purpose to put him in the world. Therefore, the quotebrings out the true nature of God as a creator and one who determinesour purpose in life. It is only by evaluation of Gods expectation ofus in the world that we can tell whether we have been living our lifethe right way.

5.Whatis an example of dream logic in Kafka The Metamorphosis and what isthe significance of outdream logic in general in the story?

Throughoutthe story The Metamorphosis, the writer is able to bring out thedream logic such that one is able to be and not to be the same thing.In our case the existence of Gregor and non-Gregor the vermin. By useof this, there is the creation of paradoxical misinterpretationthrough the story. The significance of the dream logic in the storyis to enable the creation of the world that is realistic such thatfantasies can take place in a manner that the basic order of natureis not altered. By use of the dream logic, the ordinary logic isnormally suspended and tie it up with self-referential, the write isable to bring out the paradox in the story (Dream Logicand Mulholland Dr, n.d.).

6.Whatis the relevance of the following exchange to the broader themes andsubject matter of Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author:

Accordingto Pirandello’s play, the main theme revolves around the tensionthat is created between the fiction world and the real life. in thiscase, this is the tension between illusion and reality. In the plays,the actions and dialogue between the characters, theater conventionand the effect have on the audience and their reactions show thetension that is found in the reality we live in and that on stage.The writer Pirandello is a believer in the existence of a strain ofreality and illusion existing in the theater which results toconsequent to the audience and the theater. The relevance of the playis to display the problems that exist in the theater including thepractices of the theater and the characters using the theater and howthe reality of the theater is brought out. Through showing theexistence of a void between illusion and reality, he clearly bringsout nature at which the theater fails to show the idea of reality andthat of illusion and instead much focus is placed on trying to mixthe two together.


ShortAnswers: Answer Five: 1-2 Sentences Each

1.Whydoes Poe critique science in his poem Sonnet To Science?

Poecriticizes science in his poem Sonnet To Science because he finds itto be unimaginative and stagnating.

2.Whydoes Wordsworth critique the capitalist marketplace in his poem TheWorld Is Too Much with Us?

Accordingto Wordsworth, the capitalist marketplace that includes the factoryworker, the professional and the businessman has alienated them intheir work since they are being hurled into the market’sfetish-world.

3.InPoem The Man of the Crowd, what does the glass window of the car inwhich the narrator sits represent?

Theglass window of the car symbolizes a boundary between the narrator’sspace of scientific world and that of the imaginative fancy.

4.Whatis the significance of the ending of Gogol The Overcoat? In otherwords, what does the ghost represent?

Theending of the Overcoat shows that when inhumanity towards the weakand defenseless is allowed, to exist everyone will end up beingsusceptible including the very important people in the society

5.Identifythree characteristics of realist writing in Gogol The Overcoat orTolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

• Inthe Death of Ivan Ilyich, there is not character that is rich andfamous or has started originally from low state in the society andbecome heroes

• Thereare no point where unbelievable things can happen to the charactersin the play

• Thestory us is psychologically realistic since the writer brings out theemotions and thoughts that the characters have in a direct manner.

6.Who,other than Gregor Samsa, undergoes a metamorphosis in Kafka TheMetamorphosis and why?

Consideringthe fact that Metamorphosis is the change from human nature to animalnature, the other character that undergoes metamorphosis is Gretesince she changes from humanly-caring character to an animalisticcharacter who despises and doesn’t care for other humans, in thiscase, his brother Gregor.

7.Whatis the fourth wall and what is the effect of its violation inPirandello play Six Characters in Search of an Author?

Thefourth was represents an imaginary invisible plane normally placed infront of the stage through which the viewers can watch. The breakingof the fourth wall shows the shattering of the barrier that existedbetween the fictional world and the real world in the story.


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