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AnnabellW. Serious

ProfessorJaclyn Rowley



“ChangeYour Thoughts,andYou Change Your World”

MaxPlanck said, “If you could changethe way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Thisisa quote that I would confidently say has inspired me tobecome a betterperson. Ithas pushedme to think outside of thebox to learnto take a step back when I am going through a rough time, andto try to look at lifeina positive perspective. SinceI see myself as a negative person, it becomes difficult toseepositivity in almost anything and everyone.Itend to dwell on the negative things, which in turn affectsmy mental and physical well-being. Things,however, took a different turn after applying this quote to my lifeIbegan to view myself in a positive manner. By changing my perspectivetowards things, I have developed a better attitude,particularlywhen dealing with stressfulsituations.

Oneof the things I have struggled with during my young adulthood isself-confidence.I would comparemyself to girls in magazines and on social media.“Whyaren’t I as beautiful as them? Why can’t my skin be as flawlessas theirs? Why am I so skinny?”I thought. I ridiculed myself so badly to the point where I loathedlookingat my reflection in the mirror.I sank intodepression.Dark thoughts clouded my mind, and I became my own worst enemy.Ipushed away people who wanted to get close to me, and in the process,I lost most of my friends. My family members also kept away from me.I hated where I was in life, and wanted to change.I did not want tolive another dayfeelinginsecure and sorry for myself.

Idiscovered that motivation has to come from somewhere, and Iconfirmed this when I came across Planck’s quote. I decided tostart working on making myself a better person and my starting pointwas to change my perspective about everything. Everyday,I would wake up and tell myself how beautiful I was, and that I wasgood enough to handle whatever came my way. Slowly, as the days wentby, I started to believe in myself and my confidence became better.It is true that we are who we believe we are. Now, when I look in themirror, I no longer see the young, insecure girl who doubted herself,instead, the reflection portrays a strong, beautiful, and confidentwoman who can do anything she sets her mind to. Thanks to the changein perspective. ThoughI was happy with the person I had become, there still was a problemschool. Upon registering, I knew I would have a problem with myschool schedule because I chose morning classes. I despised thelessons before I met any of my teachers or classmates. The thought ofwaking up early and preparing for school worried me because I am nota morning person. Nevertheless, I took it upon myself to change butthe more I tried, I more I had a difficult time in class.“Icould be sleeping right now,”Ithought. “Howwill I balance school and work, having to wake up so early and haveless time to rest?”“Ihave waited a whole year to be a resident here in California just toattend school, and now that I am I feel sluggish,howungratefulof me.”Itwas not until I came across Max Planck quote that I had aself-realization. I took my situation as a challenge having to worklong hours at night and then attend school early in the morning.I refused to surrender into being tired and letting my laziness getthe best of me. I realized that not everyone has the privilege toattend a great school and receive a good education. I am trulyblessed to be surrounded by good people and be taught at my owncomfort. When I decided to take my morning classes positively, Irealized that they were not hard after all. My teachers were amazingand patient. They took the time to explain and help me understand thesubjects. I started to admire my teachers though having a busyschedule of raising a family they still managed to arrive at schoolon time. I have changed how I look at my morning classes and nolonger struggle to wake up early. Also, I enjoy being in class andinteracting with my peers. I am proud to say that I am now a morningperson.

Asa result of applying Planck’s quote to my life, I have become apositive person especially towards myself. Ibelieve my journey towards success and wealth depends on how I viewmyself and the world and thus the quote has a significant tribute tomy success. When I look at the worst, in any given situation, I canexpect a negative outcome, and the opposite is equally true. Somethingso simple as that is within my capacity. Anything and everything inlife depends on how it is interprated. There is no such thing asreality I believe we create our own reality by our thoughts. Iwant to setmyself up to succeed,&nbspto push the negativity aside and to lookat what is in front of me with the attitude of, “I can get the jobdone.” Changingthe way we perceive things can bring clarity and help us discover newoptions. It can helpus discardold habits which we no longer need. Additionally,a new perspective is a doorway to a better observation. It isimportant to state that change requires patience. Wemust be patient with ourselves, and our hard work will bear fruitseventually. Ihave learned to focus on my goals and who I truly am. I do believegood things come to those who are patient and who are determined todo whatever it takes to reach their goals. Wayne Dyer said, “If youcould change the way youlook at things, the things you look at change.” Itall starts with me. I purpose to change my future. I will change myfuture.