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RudyNino and Priscilla from San Antonio’s planning department are thepresenters of the topic on annexation. Rudy Nino, the assistantdirector, has a background in planning and administration havinggraduated with an undergraduate degree in City Planning. He also hastwo masters’ degrees in Urban Studies and Public Administration. Hehas a wealth of experience having worked at San Antonio city’splanning department and managed the city development comprehensiveplan, whose mandate entailed developing the city’s growth anddevelopment plan. Priscilla is the current Planning Coordinator ofSan Antonio’s annexation program. She holds a degree in PoliticalScience and a Masters degree in Public Administration. Priscilla hasworked in various departments including the economic development andpublic works. Her great performance helped her to ascend at the helmof the annexation program(Nino &amp Priscilla, 2017).

Accordingto their presentation, annexation refers to the process that citiesuse to grow, increase their boundaries, and extend other publicservices. There are two types of annexation, which are four-purposeannexation and the limited purpose annexation. isimperative for any modern city and helps to control the type ofdevelopment within a city, promotes economic development, protectsstrategic areas like military bases, and ensures that the city has aninfluence on what happens within its periphery. Under thefour-purpose annexation, the program has to provide all the fourservices on the first day of annexation. The services entail thepolice, garbage collection, fire department, and enforcementofficers. It is a complex process and takes up to three years. Thelimited purpose annexation is less complex and takes a shorterperiod. Noteworthy, ETJ, which controls a city’s development,refers to the sphere of influence that a city has (Nino&amp Priscilla, 2017).

Majorchallenges in the annexation process involve the high rate of changesin annexation laws and the high cost of annexation. Every year,authorities make an effort to modify the laws. Similarly,implementing an annexation program is capital intensive, especiallyputting up fire services (Nino&amp Priscilla, 2017).


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