Anxiety and Depression

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Anxietyand Depression

Anxietyand Depression

Deliveringcare to overly anxious and depressed patients is always a problem tohealth practitioners. The involved nurse must always takeprecautionary measures during care to ensure that the patient’scondition does not deteriorate. It is therefore important for themedical staff to have proper guidelines to help them throughout theprocess (Woo&amp Robinson, 2015, p. 909).The paper presents the 12 clinical pearls that are of essence intreating and monitoring patients with anxiety and depression

Thefirst step involves a comprehensive evaluation of the patient forconditions like mania. The step paves the way for admission ofantidepressants and ensures that the situation does not intensify tobipolar syndromes (Walker&amp Rashid, 2016, p. 101).Secondly, in case anxiety related disorder is detected, it isrecommended that they are put on antidepressants. The third pearl isthe need for going slow when dealing with the elderly. They arenormally susceptible and may easily succumb to worse stages whendosages are over quantified. Fourth, nurses are advised to monitorthe patient for suicidal acts continually. Fifth, there is the needto remind women of childbearing age regarding the effects ofantidepressants. Sixth, the treatment process must be accompanied bykeen evaluation of serotonin symptoms (Woo&amp Robinson, 2015, p. 910).

Thenumber eight pearl is the essence of knowing withdrawal indicators sothat they can raise the dosage to stop the symptoms. Ninth, nursesare advised never to induce monoamine oxidase inhibitors before 14days elapse following antidepressants. Tenth, it is important toavoid attributing healing to the prescriptions as it invalidates thepatient’s contribution. The eleventh pearl is the fact that nursesmust not feel overwhelmed with the duty of caring for the patients.Lastly, medics should understand that healing is in the brain and apatient must be ready and submissive for the process (Woo&amp Robinson, 2015, p. 909).

Conclusively,depression and anxiety are conditions that when not treated keenlymay result in extreme cases of psychosis. Therefore, the 12 clinicalpearls are in place to ensure nurses care for the patients in a moreclinically accepted structure. The steps need to be slow to allow thepatient’s system get accustomed to the medication. Through these,the healing can be attributed to both the power of medicines and thepatient’s responsiveness.


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