Application SEI Strategies for SIOP Lesson Plan Institute

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ApplicationSEI Strategies for SIOP Lesson Plan


ApplicationSEI Strategies for SIOP Lesson Plan

Inthe learning environment, there is the presence of teachers and thestudents. The teachers are the informers while the students are theones on the receiving end. The teachers always have to monitor orassess the performance of students which is mostly done throughassignments, quizzes, and the major or comprehensive exams. Thesekinds of tests are usually very useful in training for personal andacademic developments of the students.

Thereare several challenges in the learning environment which the studentsface from time to time. There could arise problems of fear ofparticipation and interaction in the mainstream. The story themes onthe plan and endings can be inexplicable.

Theteachers must have a plan of how they do their things. To thiseffect, it is fundamentally imperative for teachers to havestrategies of planning, developing and even organizing so that theycan achieve the effectiveness of teaching or the information deliveryprocess (Goldenberg,2015).In the learning environment, the teacher should therefore be expectedto be fully aware of the teaching strategies and standards. Inobserving the lesson, the teacher should be able to make the readingfascinating using different approaches of interest to the students.This aids the students in understanding the teaching clearly and in asimpler manner.

ANew SIOP lesson plan


THEME:making English the best.

LESSONTOPIC: Pronunciation



-The students should be able to describe the meaning of literary wordsin both the verbal way and in writing.

  • Be able to plan and discuss at least some of the elements in the lesson plan.


-Identify verbs in the English lesson.

-Display good paragraph arrangements.

LEARNINGSTRATEGIES: arranging the lessons in order.


MATERIALS:teaching aids, handouts, English text books


-Teacherswith interesting teaching guides

-Theabove stated objectives.

-Review of vocabularies

PRESENTATION:Identify the several works of literature.

PRACTICEAND APPLICATION: Practice in classes and apply every time during communications.

REVIEWAND ASSESSMENT: Assessment will be done through tests or quizzes

EXTENSION:The lesson plan will operate for a period of three months duringwhich the students shall be taught.


-thestudents will be requested to perform tasks that would show theaiders that they have acquired some skills and knowledge from aparticular teaching.

AContent objective lesson based on Common Core Standards

TheCommon Core standards of ELA is a representation of the future K-2standards and are developed with the objective of preparing allstudents in a way that by the time they graduate from secondaryschool, they are groomed for success in their college learning lifeand ready to start off their working life afterwards. An emphasis isgiven to students to read literature and the stories, the facts andalso background knowledge that usually results from the complexliterature. In creating content objectives for a lesson, it istherefore important to consider the development of key objectives,ensure that there is peer to peer interaction and also develop somemeaningful activities that would allow the learners to practice whatthey have learnt and apply in authentic contexts.

EnglishLanguage Proficiency Standards based on the needs of a student.

Itentails developing some appropriate language objectives that will actas guidelines for students during their lessons to aid them instudying properly. It involves getting familiar with a states contentarea and the English Language Proficiency standards for a certainarea. In such a case, the content standards usually provide the topicof the lesson and dictates what the students should be doing in atopic at a certain time during the lesson.

TheEnglish Language Proficiency Standards has been designed in order tomake sure that all of the ELLs who leave high school are adequatelyprepared to join college and made for further career successes(Goldenberg,2015).Those responsible for the upgrade of the system are in the process oftheir set of resources so that they can provide parents,administrators and the learners into a better system which has abetter access to the ELP standards.


Goldenberg,C. (2015). Teaching English language learners: What the researchdoes-and does not-say.