Applied Family Science

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AppliedFamily Science

AppliedFamily Science

Familyscience is a discipline involving the study of the family through itsdiscovery, its authentication and application of knowledge about thefamily (Ecklund&amp Lincoln, 2016).It also includes the close study of interpersonal relationshipsinvolving the family. With family science, one can be able todetermine the various factors that lead to a better functionalfamily, the roles played by each member of the family and factorsleading to dysfunctional families. With the knowledge gained one canbe able to determine a strategy that will be able to mend broken anddysfunctional homes. In this article, I will be addressing the areasin this course that I struggle with due to my past familyexperiences.

Thetopic in this course that I struggle with is family violence. Back athome, as a student and a child I go through a lot of pain. Eachmorning while going to school, am forced to witness my parentsexchange words in the presence of my two siblings. Watching thishappening has been lowering my self-esteem as I think of theexperiences that I have to go through as an elder sibling. My parentsalways fight over finances and the notion that my dad is having anaffair outside the marriage. On many occasions, my siblings and Ihave to witness our father physically abuse our mother.

Apartfrom this, I have been struggling to understand the essence of samesex marriages that leads to nurturing a family of their own. As permy religious belief, a woman was made for a man in order for them tocopulate and bear children. This kind of family is against myreligious belief.

Fromthis course, I intend to learn on the ways of developing a betterfunctional family. This will make me learn on the various strategiesto use and bring my parents together so that we can enjoy the peaceas a family. Additionally, the knowledge gained will also help me inaccommodating other people’s practices at the expense of myreligious belief. My expectation is to be given proper knowledgethrough examples that will enlighten and improve my perspective onthe benefit of having a family. This is due to the fact that, I comefrom a dysfunctional family.


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