Argumentative Essay on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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ArgumentativeEssay on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Thework by Mark Twain presents different themes and ideas about thedevelopments that occur in the society. The main purpose of suchliterature is to inform the people about developments and occurrencesthat happen in the society. Though, as much as it expresses theliteral parts that touch on political, social or economic aspect inthe society, the way the work is presented also determines theperception that people have towards the work and the writer at large.It results in criticism that can either be positive or negative.However, this paper this paper argues that Twain work “adventuresof Huckleberry Finn” promotes racial stereotype the way itportrays Jim and his relationship with others, in particular, Huckthrough continuous use of racial slurs.

Raceand an ethnic relation are an important concern in the contemporarytimes. Many people have tried to end and eliminate racism as observedin many societies through civil actions and liberations. It isobserved in many activists movements that have tried to eliminate thediscrimination and stereotypes on racial line. It is because it posesa threat and danger to peace and stability in the areas that racismexists. The international institutions such as the United Nationsamong other have also enhanced policies and concepts that promotehumanity and discourage racism and related stereotypes anddiscrimination that have threatened peaceful coexistence betweenpeople of different races. Jim, in the piece, is of theAfrican-American race or black. The author describes the characterusing racial connotations and also in the relationship between othercharacters in the book (Smith, 184). For example, the phrase “Thedeathly pallor of his skin, which is nauseating to Huck, makes Papemblematic of whiteness” used by the author to describe Jimindicates racial clauses that touch on the skin making anothercharacter Huck to be sick. Additionally, descriptions such as “Jimputs his ear to the hairball and relates that Huck’s father has twoangels, one black and one white,…” uses symbolisms to enhanceracism where black and white are matched with racial meanings.

Therelationship between Jim and Huck has numerous racial statements. Forexample, when Huck says “It was fifteen minutes before I could workmyself up to go and humble myself to a nigger” made Jim feel hurtbut Huck confirms that he does not regret uttering such words. Also,the phrase “the Nigger runs off the very night…” besidesindicates racial connotations (Twain, 66). Jim and Huck arguments inmany incidences also portray racial ideologies and slavery that wasalso conducted along racial lines at the time. Twain, further,presents incidences where he depicts Jim as already have subscribedto the idea of white supremacy and plays as a second class. Forexample, when the writer says that “Jim’s use of Huck’swhiteness to threaten his fellow black men shows how corruptingracism and the slave system can be.” It indicates that blacks canonly get help from their white friends. It is conditional only whenthey subscribe to their ideas and follow their demands even when theydo not believe in them. Moreover, when Huck says and thinks that Jimis “white inside” supports the earlier statements that show whitesupremacy and racial phrases used in the piece.

Inconclusion, the racial stereotype is promoted in the work by Twainthat should be condemned by all. Despite the book presenting avariety of themes relevant to the society, the extensive use ofracial stereotypes and slurs has reduced the rating and value givento the work. The globalization concept has a liberated the worldwhere people interact freely and positively without a look at eitherethnic or racial backgrounds. The use of racial phrases as noted inthe book, hence, need to be discouraged to promote a peaceful societythat embraces humanity.


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