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Alwaysdefined as social beings, humans live with one another and relate toeach other easily while compared to other animals. However, conflictis part of human nature, and it is important for individuals tounderstand that conflicts are inevitable. The only best response islearning how to come over conflict without creating more of it. GrimmBrothers fairy tale “Cinderella” and Bruno Bettelheim’s“Cinderella.” The analysis will focus on a Story of SiblingRivalry and Oedipal Conflicts” that provides the reader withknowledge on how fictional stories are aimed at motivating childrenthat may feel dejected in their upbringing giving them hope ofsuccess irrespective the challenges they face in early life.

Inthe narrative “Cinderella.”, the two brothers begin byintroducing the author to the death of a mother who leaves behind ayoung girl with her rich dad. “When the woman felt that she wasdrawing near the end, she calls her daughter close to her bed andadvises her to be god and pious, and as a result, God will alwaystake care of her .” Immediately the woman dies leaving herdaughter in agony as the maiden visits her mother’s grave dailywhere she prays and weeps. The following winter the maiden’s fathermarries another woman who brings forth her two grown-up daughterswith her. Out of jealousy, the stepmother and her two daughters beginevil times for the poor step-daughter where they subject her tomistreatment and mockingly nickname her Cinderella. The name wasderived from her look of dirt and dust as the new step-family memberssubjected the poor girl to sleep on cinders despite the wealth herfather owed. Irrespective of the unfair treatment she is subjectedto, Cinderella remains humble. One day her father makes a promise tobring home presents for the three girls, the stepsisters request forjewels and beautiful dresses. Cinderella, on the other hand, asks atwig that will touch her father’s hat on his way home and when sheis presented with a twig, she plants it on her mother’s grave whereit grows into a beautiful tree. Whenever Cinderella goes under thetree to pray, a little white bird from the tree grants her anythingshe prays. Such actions of praying a tree and a white bird respondingto her prayers is indicative that the story is a fiction in that itis unlikely for such things to happen in real life.

Aftermany years of suffering, there is an announcement that the King has athree-day festival where his prince is to choose a bride. AfterCinderella’s father promises to take the three daughters to thefestival, Cinderella is denied the chance by her stepmother evenafter she completes a task that she is helped by “doves, turtles,and birds of the whole world.” After praying to the tree to granther wishes for a beautiful dress, she is crowned with a golden dressand sandals, and when she attends the festival, the prince falls forher. Although she refuses to reveal her identity, the prince trapsher and is left with one shoe. In the hunt for the owner of the shoeas his lover, the stepmother advises the other two daughters to cutparts of their legs to fit in the shoe. When their trick fails towork, the prince demands Cinderella to try the shoe where sheperfectly fits and becomes the princess. Her triumph over wickednessis a perfect example of a fiction story aimed motivating a degradedchild.

Inthe essay “Cinderella”: A Story of Sibling Rivalry and OedipalConflicts,” Bettelheim gives a discussion of the manner Cinderellarepresents a story about the challenges of sibling rivalry and theway the degraded child emerges as the winner eventually. According toMadden“Cinderella informs the audience about the agonies associated withsibling rivalry, how the wishes came true, elevation of the humble,and a punishment of the evil as well as recognition of meritirrespective of the situation when it is hidden under rags .” Theauthor points on the need to remind children that they are lovedmaking them realize that it is only as a result of their age thatmakes them be in the lowly position. It is therefore without doubtthat the work by Bettelheim is a perfect representation of the mannerfairy tale fictional stories is used as motivators to children. Thestories are direct to read and relate to with actual events in lifethus motivating children to remain humble in order to succeed inlife.

Conclusively,Grimm Brothers fairy tale “Cinderella” and Bruno Bettelheim’s“Cinderella”: A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts”are fictional stories aimed at motivating children that may feeldejected in their upbringing. The authors portray to the audience themanner children borrow from these stories owing to the fact that theyeasily connect to the events and suffering that the protagonist inthe story encounters. Eventually, the protagonist triumphs while evilis punished. While the actions of some characters especially thenon-human characters used in these fictional stories are clearlyunachievable in real life, readers easily connect with the events andlessons presented in these stories, thus making them perfecteducative fictional stories.


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