Art History

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Itis of great importance to study the history of military art as it hasbeen one of the dominant genres for many years. The text describeswhat military art entails and how rulers used to commission works ofart in the ancient times. The first paragraph provides importantdetails military art and crucial aspects about artworks that depictedwarfare. The author can be credited for taking the reader back to thepast (Lin par. 1). This way, the audience can connect to the pastpieces of artworks that were based on the military. While reading thetext, I realized that most of the information in it is factual. Also,the piece is detailed, and this makes it possible for the reader tounderstand the issues under discussion.

Iliked how the author has used images and provided explanations forthe pictures. This way, it becomes possible for the reader to gain adeep understanding of military art. Moreover, the examples used arerelevant to the ancient times and depict what war entailed in thepast, as well as during the recent times. I found the textinteresting since the artworks depict different war periods (Lin Par.3). The language used by the author is simplified, thus making itpossible for the reader to understand the text. The information aboutmilitary art is credible and has been strengthened by the use ofworks from famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein(Lin Par. 5). In my opinion, the text is one of the best pieces aboutmilitary art. Students who would wish to learn about how art relatesto warfare can find it very resourceful.


Lin,Amy. GreatestWar Paintings to Honor Remembrance Day. Web.18thMarch 2017.