Art Influence Fashion

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ArtInfluence Fashion

Artinfluence fashion

Theinfluential relationship between art and fashion is revolutionary inthat fashion has always been in an intimate affection with art. Inthe video, I like GUCCI because it displays a colorful, vivaciousrelationship between personality and image (Berkeley, 2016). The pathof vision flows linearly from the left towards the right andconcentrates into the female figure. The brand name “GUCCI” is inthe center of attraction and has been written in the huge letter. Thebrand name stands out in a large white background thus creatingcontrast and therefore attracting the reader. The white surface alsocontrasts the images that are above it thus making them clearlyvisible and attractive (Berkeley, 2016).

Consequently,such a significant interaction of art and fashion is an excellentadvertising technique that no member of the targeted group can missit. “Ligne Roset” is also very captivating in that there is theflow of information right from the charming phrase “surround youwith art” (Berkeley, 2016). The phrase introduces the reader to thesignificant of art in lives of people and is clearly seen because ofblack letters and white background. The brand name is on the bottomright-hand side of the page such that when turning, one can easilysee it. Correspondingly, if the reader is to revisit the information,it will flow systemically from the brand name, through theinteresting phrase to the image of the beautiful lady at the bottomleft of the page.

Interactionof art and fashion create one of a fascinating collaboration. Thisintriguing combination has been on the increase in the contemporaryworld (Chick, 2017). Essentially, the market is now taken over withsuch unique integrated arrangements. One of such ground-breakingcollaboration between Marc Jacobs and Stephen spouse collaboration in2009. Spouse’s art graffiti featured jotted bags with illegibleoutstanding patterns that were presented in clearly visible colors ofneon such as pink, green, and orange (Chick, 2017). The bags sold inlarge numbers and thus the collaboration was a successful marketingstrategy. The print was so prevalent that it was reintroduced in2013. Other collaborations ensued as a result of this outstandingachievement.


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