Article Analysis The America I Love

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Article Analysis: The America I Love

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Article Analysis: The America I Love

Several incidences affecting humanity globally have been intervenedupon by the United States of America despite its long-heldprinciple of isolationism which was evident during the world war one.Elie Wiesel in his article, The America I love depicts Americain a different perspective and tries to explain how the country saveshumanity in varied ways. Accordingly, the essay carries out ananalysis on how America as a nation restores hope to its inhabitants.Indeed America strives to alleviate suffering and restore sanity tohumanity.

The author targets individuals who have despaired and downtrodden byvarious instances and happenings in life. He tries to bring somesense of hope to them through America as a country. The author statethat “The day I received American citizenship was a turning pointin my life. I had ceased to be stateless. Until then, unprotected byany government and unwanted by any society, the Jew in me wasovercome by a feeling of pride mixed with gratitude” (Wiesel,2004). In this regard, the main argument of Elie is that Americaintervenes various occurrences with an objective of restoring hope.For instance, the country was concerned with the Iraq regime ofSaddam Hussein and intervened to bring freedom back to the desperatecitizens.

Throughout the article, the author maintains a sentimental tone. Elierecalls the happenings during the concentration camps and how thesoldiers of the United States sought to restore the lost happiness tothe victims. The author aims at changing the perception of America’scritics, who only figure out the negative implications of theinvolvement of the United States in issuesaffecting humanity. He states that “America went to war to liberatea population too long subjected to terror and death” (Wiesel,2004). In this regarded, the argument is persuasive since the authoris trying to lure the audience to reconsider their perception of theUnited States. The author tries to portray to the audience thatdespite America being a capitalist country, its concern forhumanity is not designed for economicexploitation.

In conclusion, the essay has analyzed an article The America ILove by Elie. It is evident that the United States is concernedabout the welfare of all people and it strives to alleviate humansuffering. This article is a must read for all as it clearly bringsout the theme of the restorationof humanity, and how various instances have contributed to the lossof hope to different people.


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