Article Reflection week 5

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ArticleReflection week 5


Aresilient socio-ecological system can be created through theincorporation of wider diversity, broad information base and culturalideas from seasonal, indigenous and western knowledge.


Ina research conducted among the Canadian aboriginals and also amongthe Australians, revealed the importance of indigenous knowledgeespecially in weather forecasting and determining seasons. From theanalysis, it was found the basic understanding of the Aboriginals wasengraved on rocks and artwork and their linguistic. The researchindicated that both Australia and the aboriginal socio-linguisticgroups positioned their observations and interpretation on correctplaces and or on wider plant habitats within in the precincts oftheir socio-linguistic region.


Theabove implies that the compilation and integration of seasonalknowledge with other western knowledge and subsequent transfer toother generations for the management of the environment through theirdirect contribution to natural resource management and ecotourism andcommunity awareness.