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Thisanalysis examines the ideas presented by Hanna Rosin in her article,which sought to inform her readers concerning the benefits ofequality campaigns across the world, more so to improve the positionof women in the public service. Considering her book, she seemed tohave done sufficient studies to underscore the performance of womenin the contemporary society (Rosin 4). She investigates the findingsof various scholars and makes a conclusion that women areincreasingly doing well in their areas of operations. This analysistakes a position that even though there are greater strides inempowering women, the societal attitude about them still need moreattention to be changed.

However,she is giving fewer cognizances to the fact that men still dominatemost of the public spaces. Even though there is a promising show thatwomen are being acknowledged in various realms of services, there isstill a concern in the manner in which the society views womenleadership globally (Rosin 25). In the recently concludedpresidential elections in the United States of America, Donald Trumpwas elected instead of Hillary Clinton, who is a woman. It is truethat women are becoming visible in the public sphere, but making theperfect conclusion that they are at the helm and epitome of bettergrowth still needs more investigation.

Imperatively,it should be appreciated, just as Rosin admits in her article, thatthere is an apparent cultural dimension, which is associated with achanged mindset. Nevertheless, there is a fundamental need to privythe societal attitudes to ensure sustainable equality. The societystill discriminates women in various aspects, and as a result, theresult should be devoted more to make sure that all human beings areplaced in the same scope when making any judgment. The feministmovements have done sufficiently well to empower women, though, butthe effort should continue to realize the bets balance intended.


Rosin,Hanna. Theend of men: And the rise of women.Penguin, 2012.