Article Review on Energy Access

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ArticleReview on Energy Access

ArticleReview on Energy Access

Energyis important because it is used to provide power for differentsectors of the economy. The United Nations is leading the efforts toensure that energy is environmentally clean, affordable, and reliablein all countries. The discussion explains why energy access should beconsidered as a human right.

Energyaccess should be viewed as a human right, just like freedom of speechand protection from persecution. Energy access is a right becauseenergy is important in improving the quality of life of people in thesociety. All households should have clean and reliable sources ofenergy for example, wind and solar power (Jamie et al., 2013).Energy is used to offer services in critical sectors of the economyfor example, education, health, transport, and manufacturing.

Theright to energy access should be protected by the national and stategovernments. The national government has the authority to developpolicies that enhance energy access in all parts of the country. Forexample, the government can subsidize the cost of all equipment usedto produce and supply clean energy. The United Nations has an energyprogram that aims at providing clean, affordable, and reliable energyin all households (Global Energy Initiative, 2015).

Energyis a right, and it is also a function of choice in households. As aright, energy is used to offer essential services. For example, tooperate machinery in hospitals, and to provide security at home andnational facilities like airports. Energy can be considered as achoice when it is used for non-critical activities for instance,entertainment.

Allstakeholders in the energy sector should be supported in theprovision of clean and affordable energy for domestic and commercialuse. Suitable financing should be provided to companies that developenergy access solutions. Commercial banks are critical in offeringloans to finance energy production and distribution. Grants should beprovided by governments to fund research in the effective productionand supply of clean energy.

Energyaccess is important in improving the wellbeing of people in thesociety. It enhances operations in critical sectors of the economyfor example, health and security. Global agencies and governmentsshould collaborate in providing clean energy to all people.


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