Article Summary and Response

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ArticleSummary and Response

ArticleSummary and Response

Youngpeople and especially those in their twenties have an opportunity toachieve all they want. However, they have to commit to carryingthemselves in a manner that favors their professional growth andachievement of future goals. In most cases, they will have to make anextra effort and go beyond what the average person does.

Inan article on the Forbes website, Jason Nazar, one of the foundersand current chief executive officer of Docstoc, a company thatprovides resources to start-ups, offers invaluable lessons. These arelessons to help young people to grow both professionally and in life.According to Nazar, young people have to understand that time is alimited commodity. Therefore, they have to use their time wisely andunderstand that early hours of the day are the most productive.Besides, they should also read more and avoid wasting time on socialmedia. In this line, young individuals should shun away from socialmedia careers because they do not last. At the workplace, youngindividuals have to work hard, learn new skills, and have thepatience and discipline to grow in their fields of specialization.Similarly, the youth should cultivate relationships and have mentorswho will help them grow. Noteworthy, the youth should learn to saveand avoid living in extravagance(Nazar, 2013).What Jason says is very true and imperative for youths to grow. Inthe competitive world of today and limited time, the youth have towork extremely hard and have an edge above the rest to succeed.

Certainly,the youth have to make a conscious effort towards attaining theirgoals and professional growth. These efforts include having a senseof urgency, establishing quality relations in their networks,learning new skills, and practicing saving among others. In abidingby such ways, they will have an added advantage and ultimately grow.


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