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Whysome people think former President Obama took them back in times oftumultuous and racist past

Somepeople think so because President Obama is the first ever Americanpresident from the African-American ethnic background. Obama has madehistory and as the first ever black president in the history of theUnited States. During the turbulent times, the main contentions werebased on race where people were stereotyped and discriminated eitherin the political, economic or social aspects based on race, which ledto turbulent past such as civil unrest championed by black movements. Obama, thus, reminds people of the times because he is a fulfillmentof the vision of the dreams and struggles of the past regimes.

Whatit means when people say making America great again

Thephrase of making America great again is more philosophical thanfactual. It leads to many questions in the minds of the people ofwhat being great again is or what has been lost that America is nolonger great again. Many changes have occurred in the Americansociety over the many years such as civil liberties that haveenhanced freedom and democracy, military interventions and warsaround the globe among others. The phrase meaning, thus, is subjectto an individual perception of greatness. For example, when onethinks that intervening militarily and showing America`s militarystrengths is greatness (Rogin, 2017). Then the phrase would makesense because the present regimes in the leadership of the UnitedStates have been reluctant to use such approaches limiting militaryinterventions globally. If exploration of the world and space isgreatness, then it would make sense in the mind of such a person.

What,if any of the divides explains the current state of affairs in theUnited States

Theideological divide exhibits the current state of affairs. It hasresulted, for example, in protests for and against the current regimein power because of the ideological differences. It left many in theworld in a dilemma of the actual values and morals that Americanhave. It brings a scenario in the future where more civil libertiesand struggles might be witnessed including the possibility ofsplitting the country further along ideological and cultural lines.

WhetherAmerica values &amp morals have changed or not

Thevalues and morals of the American people have not changed. Thefundamental values and morals include upholding democratic processessuch as witnessed in elections and transition of power. Freedom ofexpression also guaranteed among the core values that have resultedin the current protests from both sides of the ideologicaldifferences. Human rights are also a critical value among many otherssuch as justice for all among others. The values have not changed,but the freedom of expression has empowered people to talk andexpress their views as noted in the differences. However, some valueshave slightly changed such as freedom because of the current securityconcern such as terrorism among others.


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