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Microbesare essential to the human life despite the adverse effects theycause to the living beings. The scientists have proved theirsignificance and how they could help solve some of the fatalcomplications that we face. It is imperative to state the importanceof these microbes and other effects it causes.

Asalmonella bacterium is one of the microbes that play a critical rolein the human body to fight cancer. It is a food poisoning bacteriumthat is very powerful in triggering a response system towards thehuman cancer cells inserted in mice (Price, 2017). If the techniqueis reproduced in people, it will be of great help to the bacterialcancer therapy. The bacteria cause foodborne illness also referred toas food poisoning which is transmitted after the victim takescontaminated food. It causes a disease called Salmonellosis orsalmonella poisoning. It causes discomfort among the victims thatincludes diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Although the incidence of thesalmonella infections has been high over time, the rate has reducedas from 2009. The factors that contribute to the spread of thisbacterium include consuming foods like poultry, beef, milk and eggs.They accelerate the spread because salmonella the intestines ofhumans and animals offers a conducive environment for the bacteria tostay.

Scientistshave done a recommendable job in finding out the cure for cancer. Inthis case, the food poisoning microbe is one of the best fighters ofthe microbe from the findings of the scientists. Therefore, though itcauses food poisoning, it is essential to the human life.

Salmonellabacteria increase the immune system and make it aggressive infighting cancer cells. This should be incorporated into the cancertherapy for the medics to utilize it in combating the effects of theinfection. It will help curb the harmful effects of cancer among thepatients.


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