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Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey

General overview of the book

  • In “Bad Monkey”, Carl has presented the complexities that are involved in resolving a murder case especially in a country rife with fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption.

  • The book has adult content and it is captivating to read. It creates suspense from page one to the last making the 227 page long novel appear extremely short (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • The book revolves around the efforts by a suspended Monroe County Sheriff`s Office character named Andrew Yancy to investigate the owner of an arm that was found in the sea by a tourist fisherman.

  • Yancy is assisted by Dr. Rosa Campesino who works at Miami Morgue where the arm was to be examined and linked to any recent deaths in the county (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • They both follow Eve, the wife of the arm’s owner, who happens to be her corrupt husband who defrauded Medicare millions of dollars to her secret hiding in the Island of Andros.

  • It occurs that Eve’s husband, Nicholas cut off his hand to avoid prosecution and is still alive.

  • The book presents characters with evil deeds such as corruption, fraud, killings, stealing public resources and lack of interest in investigating deaths, as well as immoral sexual affairs.

  • By the end of the book, Eve and her husband Nicholas are dead and Yancy is in love with Rosa (Hiaasen, 2013).

Characters who acted in ways regarded as FWAC

Nicholas Stripling

  • He is the husband to Eve and is being sought for prosecution since he is a fraudster

  • He defrauded Medicare by selling Super Rollie scooters to Medicare clients. This also amounts to abuse of office.

  • He also changes his name to Christopher Grunion to avoid detection by the authorities (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • Furthermore, he cut off his left arm to fake his death in order to avoid prosecution.

  • His action to sell Super Rollie Scooter to clients that were already existent can also be considered as a form of wastage of public resources


  • Eve is the wife to Nicholas and she is part of defrauding business at Medicare.

  • She assists her husband to escape to the island and start construction.

  • She was also the one who implanted the arm in the sea to fake Nicholas’s legal death.

  • She is a fraudster since she lies about her husband’s death.


  • He was an employee of Nicholas and was aware of the fraud business going on.

  • His failure to report the fraud was an act of fraud (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • He also benefited from the proceeds of the fraud business.

Howwas the FWAC perpetrated?

  • The fraud, waste, abuse and corruption were perpetrated through Nicholas while working with Medicare.

  • He was assisted by Dr. Gomez and his wife in the defrauding business.

  • The sale of the existent Super Rollie scooters to Medicare was an act of corruption and abuse of office. He gained money fraudulently through lies and acts of mischief.

  • Furthermore, together with his wife, Nicholas demolished the house of a neighbor, Neville, in the Island of Andros against his permission (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • The sale of these equipments can be said to be an act of wastage of public resources since they already existed.

Theoriesexplaining characters

  • The Transparency International theory that corruption, fraud, waste and abuse amounts to the misuse of entrusted for personal gain can be applied in the case of these characters.

  • Nicholas and Dr. Gomez are using their office or power to defraud the government (Hiaasen, 2013).

  • Eve is also using her position as Nicholas’s wife to participate in the fraud business.

  • These characters who are involved in corruption, fraud, wastage, and abuse have their immoral actions covered in the Transparency International theory of Corruption.


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