Balanced Scorecard Model

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A Balanced Scorecard 6

BalancedScorecard Model

ABalanced Scorecard

Accordingto Khomba (2011), balanced scorecard model determines the performanceof an organization on four metrics and these include financialstrength, the internal process mechanisms, customer perspective, andthe learning and growth perspective.

Metricsof Apple Inc.


AppleInc. has invested in user-friendly interfaces to entice and attractthe prospective buyers in the market towards their products. Theindustry has also developed its competence by developing effectivedelivery systems that make these products and services readilyavailable to the customers at their convenience. Moreover, thecompany also participates in quantitative measurements to determinethe needs of the clients, and this helps them efficiently deliver theneeds of the customers.

Internalprocess perspective

Thisorganization believes that alignment and commitment are the mostcrucial in a working team. In this regard, Apple Inc. conducts athorough survey after a period of every two years, and this is doneby the employees randomly (Khomba, 2011). These questionnaires helpthe company through the individual employee in understanding theirpersonal strategy and even the extent to which this connects to theoverall organizational strategy in pursuit of success.

Learningand growth perspective

AppleInc. has continuously expanded both regarding the products it offers,the size of the firm and training to the employees. It has expandedits sales vision, the global manufacturing and operations and alsothe product design.


AppleInc. remains the world’s largest IT Company by revenue. In the year2015, the organization recorded a revenue of $223 billion. It hasover 115, 000 employees with 478 retail stores in seventeencountries.

Metricsfor BT Global Services


Theorganization is hell-bent on improving customer satisfaction, costleadership, putting broadband as the priority for BT and alsomotivating its employees in living up to the values of the company.

InternalProcess Perspective

BTaccepts the changes that come with lifestyle shifts, demographictrends, and advances in technology. These changes necessitate amodification the way its employees work, and it, therefore, requiresits employees to adopt and grow consistently. These changes involvevalues, leadership capabilities, skills, relationship management,performance and employee management.

Learningand Growth perspective

BTGlobal Company is set out to create a skilled, inclusive,high-performing workforce with motivated and engaged people with theability to keep change with the changing customer needs and companyideals.


BTis a United Kingdom`s telecommunications company. It deliversinformation services to over 5, 000 organizations globally. It has anemployee of 17, 000 people globally and it is also one of the largestprofessional service capability in the industry. The total incomesfor this company in the fiscal year 2015-2016 were $5.1 billion.

Metricsfor Coca-Cola


Throughthe market cap and customer survey, the company has managed todeliver brand identity and satisfaction to their customers

InternalProcess Perspective

Coca-Colaensures employee morale yearly and this boost their performance. Italso does service training through the seminar to equip the employeeswith relevant skills.

Learningand Growth Perspectives

Theorganization conducts ethics training and also emancipation onrecycling. It recycles the 50% of the total wastes.


Coca-Colagets its revenues and ration analysis from the sale of drinks. Itincreases its sales by 50% every year better than its industrycompetitors.

Differencein Metrics

Thecompanies differ regarding their financial perspectives. Apple a large organization with its revenues coming from the mainlyonline sale of electronics both phones and computers with a vastmarket. On the other hand, BT Global Services offers services and hasa relatively small market (Mckenzie,South Africa &amp WRP Pty Ltd, 2012).

BothBT Global Services and Apple Inc. heavily invests in trainingskillset to keep relevance with market trends. However, Coca-Colainvests in ethical training for good relations in serving clients.Also, Apple Inc. has not invested enough in meeting customer needsmainly ease of use of the electronic devices.

PotentialPerformance gaps in Apple Inc.

AppleInc. should invest more customer perspectives for the customer tohave an easy time in interacting with the devices. Interoperabilityis a major factor that Apple has to consider to increase its usage oftheir devices to the customers.


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