Beauty and the Beast

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Beautyand the Beast


Thefilm displays the characteristics of a romantic movie. The film ispronounced as a fairy tale, telling the story of a beautiful lady whofell into luck without the slightest of knowledge. Originally, shelived a wealthy life because of her father’s Providence untillater, the riches diminished and her family drew back to poverty. Thestory features that six children were born to a very wealthy man whodid everything to provide for his family. His children never lived inlack therefore, they assumed life to be only a bed of roses.However, the youngest daughter among the three girls was different.She was the most beautiful of them all and had an attitude pleasantof them all. The elder sisters despised her because of her reservednature, thinking she did not give herself to pleasure and the allureof the good things the riches of her father put at her disposal. Shewould instead lock herself in the room to relate to books and music.Unfortunately, the wealth of her father was finished and they had tostart the new life of poverty. She quickly coped with the newconditions and became the strongest at heart amongst her siblings,always finding the good in the life they had acquired. I find thatthe beauty had a flexible attitude and was the glue of her family.

Thefilm relays the character of humanity in riches. In most cases, whenhuman beings elevate to positions of wealth, they tend to raise theirstake. The children of the rich man only associated with the fellowswho were rich or were children of the wealthy. They did not imaginethe wealth of their father would gain feet and walk away withouttheir notice. Living a high life had become their portion, and Ibelieve they would resent any influence that would rock their statusand expose them to the other side of poverty. In riches, humanitypresumes a state of security, foreseeing no point in life that lackwould ever set in. The character of pride sets in and suddenly,humankind is divided into classes of people. The classifications aremaintained as long as the high status is retained in the manner ofdoing things. The film conveys that the beautiful daughters of therich man turned down many suitors they deemed unfit for theirinterest.

Also,the movie indicates the important concept of coping with loss. Whenthe rich man lost his wealth and went far from town to live inpoverty, his children had a difficult time coping. His daughterswould not come to terms with their newly acquired status except theyoungest daughter who was the most beautiful one. His three sonsjoined him in farming and finding Providence for the family, but hisother two girls sulked all the time about the misery that hadbefallen them. The uniqueness of the youngest daughter is apparentbecause she learned quickly to live in poverty. She was optimisticabout life and was an inspiration to her father. She was the mostloved of the children. Her brothers valued her input as she woke upearly to prepare food for them before they set to search for thefamily. On the other hand, the other sisters still thought theirbeauty would earn them recognition in a world that had spewed themoff to the village to languish in poverty.

Themovie majors in the life of the beauty (the youngest daughter) tocommunicate essential traits of humanity and show how lowliness is animportant part of humanities need for survival in a hostile worldthat deals us any condition. The beauty is perceived as the epitomeof the inward beauty, which crystallizes the state of love that hasgot the strength to move mountains. At the end of the movie, herattitude earns her a place in the palace, and she sits with the king.Always the humankind can only achieve a goal when they debasethemselves among people. The positive spirit of the beauty caused herto have a fulfilling life and to be satisfied with any condition shewas exposed to. The movie treats the characters as exceptionalcommunication on the variety of people, existing in the world.