Becoming a Legal Professional

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Becominga Legal Professional

Becominga Legal Professional

Acareer as a legal professional such as attorney or lawyer, paralegal,among others is a dream to many young people. A career as a legalprofessional though incredibly rewarding provides intellectuallychallenging job opportunities. To become a competent attorney or alawyer, for example, one has to go through many processes, and onemust be able to have the required skills, knowledge and abilities. Inour world today where there are many conflicts and court cases, thereis a need for more competent legal professionals that could handle ordeal with various cases professionally. Moreover, the world hasbecome corrupt, and corruption has become the order of the day. Inthis sense, there has been a call for ethically upright legalprofessionals in the legal field as many people now opt to solvetheir cases out of court because many individuals and evencorporation tend to lack trust in the court systems. Not just anempty story, legal profession need someone who has passion and readyto work hard.

Becominga legal professional such as a lawyer is never an easy task as therequirements are way too high. Without an interest and passion forlaw, one can easily give up. For one to be in this profession, he orshe passes through a lot of challenges regarding the requirements ofthis field of profession. All lawyers need to have a bachelor degreeand additionally must pass the state`s written bar exams beforebecoming a fully-fledged one. A lawyer needs to complete his or herundergraduate degree in any field though programs based on criticalthinking, writing skills, and communication would be preferred. Afterattainment of the degree, he or she need to enroll for three yearsstudy in law school (, 2017). At least a bachelor degreewould be required to be enrolled in any law school and courses likeEnglish, public speaking, government history, and mathematics beingconsidered useful. To measure applicants aptitude’s study for thelaw, almost all law school especially those approved by American BarAssociation (ABA) administers Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Mostjurisdiction and states require lawyers to complete Juris Doctor(J.D) from a law school accredited by ABA to ensure that particularstandards are met. A JD program includes courses like constitutionallaw, legal writing, and property law among others.

Prospectivelegal professionals are required to take licensing exams known as the‘bar exams.` Lawyers are ‘admitted to the bar’ once theyreceive their license to practice law. The admission is usually doneby the state of admission under strict regulations established by thestate’s highest court. All states require that before admission andapplicants must have passed one or more exams and must, also, have acharacter that can represent and advise others. Substance abuse,academic misconducts are some of the factors that can deter one frombeing admitted to the bar. Moreover, legal profession requiresspecific qualities such as analytical skills, interpersonal skills,problem-solving skills, research skills, speaking skills and writingskills. Clearly, the requirements of the legal profession are toodemanding and present great challenges to many who have dreams ofventuring into this profession.

Thebasic job description of lawyers would be a representation of clientsin criminal and civil cases, drawing on legal documents and givingadvice to the clients on the legal transaction (ColledgeGrad, 2016).As an advocate for their client`s lawyers argues cases in support oftheir clients, arguing and giving numerous evidence with the aim ofanalyzing the probable outcomes through the use of knowledge of thelegal precedents. All attorneys do extensive research on variouscases other judicial decisions that they use during courtproceedings. Lawyers also give advice to their clients on some of thelegal actions that they can take in various circumstances. Lawyers orthe associates while working at the law firms they perform legal workfor individuals or corporations. Some Attorneys working in the lawfirms include criminal law attorney or the defense attorney who workto represent and also to defend the accused during court cases.

Attorneysalso work for the state, federal or the local government. The workfor the government in the performance of the duties such as filing ofthe lawsuit and representation of the government in the cases filedagainst the government by an individual or a corporation. Otherattorneys may work as government counsels for the various arms of thegovernment namely, the legislature, executive, and the judiciary.They participate in the writing and interpretation of the law andalso in setting up the procedures to be involved in enforcing thesame laws.

Corporatecounsels also knew as the in-house counsel`s work for thecorporations. They give advice to the organizations in mattersrelating to the business transaction and also represent thecorporation in court on various criminal and civil cases filedagainst them. In general, lawyers work to ensure that their clientsget the legal representation required and that their client’srights and freedom are not manipulated in any way.

Insummary, lawyers go through a lot regarding academic qualificationand in gaining experience required in becoming an all-around personable to handle various kinds of legal issues. In this sense, legalprofession requires a hardworking and a passionate individual.


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