Bill Proposal Outline Healthcare

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BillProposal Outline Healthcare


BillProposal Outline Healthcare

5150Psychiatric Hold:

PsychiatricHold is one of the systems that play a vital role and therefore ithas a positive impact on the vulnerable population across the globe.The 5150 Psychiatric Hold is used in various states to solvedifferent problems. For instance, in California, it servesindividuals who are mentally ill and may not be left in public alone.Since they are harmful to themselves and also to others, they,therefore, put in Psychiatric Hold as they undergo check and receivemedical care (Arehart-Treichel, 2014). The health needs given to thevulnerable population are grouped into three main sections as shownbelow.

Physicalneeds: In this category, the primary concern is the physical illnessof an individual which is dangerous such as chronic diseases andinfections like HIV.

Psychologicalneeds: In this category, the major focus is those persons who getaffected by mental disorders and may not have control overthemselves. They do engage in activities which are dangerous andharmful such as homicides or alcohol abuse.

Socialneeds: it is a section that relates more to the social life of agiven population who experience different kinds of suffering.Sufferings may come in various cases such as homelessness, poverty orbecoming a refugee.

Theproposed bill of having a Psychiatric Hold as a health care deliverysystem has a positive impact since they solve many complications ofthe vulnerable population. Some individuals may not know what theyare doing or what happens to them and therefore, it is a way in whichdisparities in one`s health status get controlled.


Analysisof Psychiatric Hold as health care delivery systems.

Onthe analysis of health care system for example in California, it ischaracterized by inefficient mechanisms, and in most cases, they donot get enough resource. About this matter, they experience highcases of acute illness which require immediate attention. Forexample, the literature shows that in 2007, the number of adultindividuals who had mental illness rose up to 7%. For this reason,it, therefore, requires emergency departments within the state tohelp undertake services necessary. Through employing the use of 5150Psychiatric Hold, the problem having many individuals affected willget reduced.


Psychiatricillness ruins life of many people if they do not get attention intime. Notably, many people with such disease struggle throughouttheir entire lives. It is because they develop disorders that theycannot control and it affects their perceptions as everything seemsto them as meaningless. When the problem continues, it furtheraffects the society as a whole. The literature indicates thatdisorders of cognition and mood often have the negative effect onperson body organs which may limit their functionality. In connectionto this, it, therefore, calls for treatment measures to enable themto live a healthy life (Arehart-Treichel, 2014). Many times, peoplewith depressions do not value their lives, and most often, they thinkthey are worthless and cannot make any positive contribution to thesociety. When such people do not get close attention, they can harmthemselves and even die in the process. Those who possess problem ofschizophrenia often experience paranoid delusions, and as a result,they do react violently and may injure others in the process. Whenthe disorders do not get treated effectively, they, in turn, affectthe internal body functions, and as a result, they do not make a goodjudgment of their lives. Following this perspective, one attendshospital services as a primary step as the person undergoespsychiatric care.

Definitionsof terms.

Antipsychotic:this is a kind of medication used in psychiatric to help relieve anindividual from psychosis.

Schizophrenia:this is a term used to describe those people with mental illness andhave symptoms which are similar.

Bipolardisorder: this is a kind of psychiatric diagnosis used when one wantsto describe various types of mood disorders. The feelings may varyfrom extreme low to use of excessive energy.

Cognitivebehavioral therapy (CBT) this is an approach which employs the useof structured and action-oriented techniques to help solve problemswhere people with mental illness can manage their behavior with ease.

Dementia:It is a term which describes the process where one`s mentalfunctionally deteriorates. It may include the language a person usesand how he memorizes various things.


The5150 Psychiatric Hold has various requirements which are critical tohealth care service delivery. Some of these include

TheProvision 5150 states that there must be a proper evaluation of thoseindividuals who have mental illness and must to be attended to andget healthcare services. In this case, the director in charge has aresponsibility to give details pertaining the evaluation of thepatient which therefore enhance the following services provided.

Thereis also a provision highlights the determination of criteria used forassessment as given in 5150 section. This provision, therefore,guarantees evaluation based on information on the filled documents.

Anotherprovision of 5150 indicates that if an officer takes theresponsibility of escorting a patient to a particular designation, heor she is not mandated to be there for completion of requireddocuments. The requirement of the officer is to fill documents whichcontain essential information and explains observations noted on thepatient.


Arehart-Treichel,J. (2014). Psychiatric Genetics Hold Great Promise. Psychiatric News,49(6), 1-1.