Biography of a Member of Family

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Biographyof a Member of Family

BrainStorming Note

Shaneis currently an administrative employee in the Inman Company. Shaneis one of my family members. Therefore, the biography will addressher success in her early childhood development. The biography willalso focus on Shane’s current skills and competencies. Theunderstanding of Shane’s high school capacity will also advance ourunderstanding of her success. The evaluation of Shane’s currentposition will help us understand her future success and aspirations.

Biographyof a Member of Family


ShaneAdcox is an administrative employee in the Inman Company. The InmanCompany is an exterior and interior design firm in the New York City.Shane was raised in Mississippi State. Shane’s mother was aregistered nurse in the United States. Shane has a Bachelor degree inhuman resource management. Shane’s father served as a federaltechnician in the Camp Shelby. Shane has been portraying a high levelof discipline and determination in her daily activities and career.She also portrays admirable leadership traits and qualities. Forinstance, Shane’s parents associate her with her ability to addressdisturbing issues in the family and the entire community. In herearly childhood development, Shane spent most of her time with herfamily members.

Besides,Shane’s parents describe her as an industrious and determinedperson who is ready and willing to attain her future goals andaspirations. As a result, Shane tries new and innovative things withthe aim of bringing changes in her family and the entire community.Shane is a family-oriented person since she had the capacity toidentify and associate well with all family members. She also had thereputation of seeking support and assistance from all her familymembers without considering the prevailing family differences. Shaneundertook her studies at the Purvis High School. She had the mandateto lead and manage various departments in the institution. In herleadership positions, Shane demonstrated transformative leadershipskills. She also portrayed her ability to deal with challengingissues that affected her colleagues in high school.

Besides,Shane spent most of her time and resources in productive activitiessuch as extracurricular activities. For instance, Shane indicatesthat she was a member of the Beta Club, Purvis Pizzaz, Science Club,Mu Alpha Theta, and Spanish Club. Shane also served as a treasurer inher senior years. Furthermore, Shane served as a diligence andreputable captain of the Winter Member and Color Guard. Shane alsoaffirms to have received various awards for her leadership andmanagement positions. For instance, Shane got an award as the mostoutstanding winter guard member in 2009. Shane also received variousawards in her high school education. For instance, in 2011, shereceived the award for the student with the positive learningattitude in her class.

Sofar, Shane is the most innovative employee in Inman Company. As aresult, she is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa. Shane is also in thePRCC list. Shane is also planning to serve as the role model in theinstitution. Shane also has the capacity to work and integrate withindividuals from various social and cultural backgrounds. She hasformed various groups that aim at addressing cultural and racialdiscrimination in the United States. Shane’s aspiration is toensure that there are fairness and equity among all people in thesociety. Shane also affirms that she is interested in instituting anorganization that will address social and economic issues andchallenges among vulnerable members of the society.

Shaneis always determined and dedicated to attain her goals andaspirations in life. Shane also has the capacity to address allchallenges and obstacles that undermine her ability and progress inlife. Besides, Shane is planning to advance her education by pursuingmasters in human resource management. Therefore, Shane has a brightand industrious future. Shane is also a role model to the familymembers and the entire community.