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Responseto Marcus Reyes

Iagree with you that Nosocomial infections can be very dangerous andalarming for patients. Just to add to what you have mentioned,Nosocomial infection is an example of health-care-associatedinfections (HAIs). It is caused by toxins which are found indifferent locations within the hospitals. In one of the recentstudies, researchers found that one in every ten people admitted to ahealthcare facility will contract a HAI (Maykowski et al. 2016). I,therefore, agree with you that hygiene and mass education will helpin the fight against the infection.


Maykowski,P., Murray, M., Cohen, B., Neu, N., Hutcheon, G., Simpser, E… &ampSaiman, L. (2016). Epidemiology of Healthcare-Associated Infectionsin Pediatric Long-Term Care Facilities. In&nbspOpenForum Infectious Diseases&nbsp(Vol.3, No. suppl 1, p. 388). Oxford University Press.