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Thursday, March 30, 2017

SUBJECT:Juvenile Justice

Ihave conducted research related to juvenile justice boot campprograms to evaluate their (juvenile justice boot camp programs)success. The research has been based upon two resources in theNational Criminal Justice Reference Service Databases and theNational Institute of Justice (NIJ) Data Collections. This researchis aimed at aiding in the funding requests received by Centervalecouncilman Pete Parsimonious for two competing juvenile correctionsboot camp programs.

Ifurther chose two articles from the research which have differentapproaches in their evaluation of boot camp programs. The articlefrom the National Institute of Justice data collections approachedthe issue directly by first defining boot camps. According to theNational Institute of Justice, boot camp programs are residentialprograms that are short term and resemble basic military trainingtargeting juvenile offenders. This study has made use of qualitativedata by utilizing descriptive words to make observations. On theother hand the National Criminal Justice Reference Service Databasesresearch article has used an indirect approach to the issue bychoosing to address the common issues that are faces at correctionalboot camps. Some of these issues include the problem of recidivism.From the quantitative data that Dale G. Parent has used in thearticle, 67.3% of people released get re-arrested within the firstthree years. This is a high recidivism rate.

Beforemaking recommendation to invest public funds in any program, healthissues are ethical issues that one should be concerned about. This isbecause healthy living is an important aspect to any person, even theoffenders.

Thedirect approach should be recommended to Parsimonious since it ismore effective in dealing with this issue. Quantitative data is bestsuited to address boot camp problems like how to ensure lowerrecidivism rates.

Thisresearch will be helpful in evaluating the best boot camp programs.Thank you.


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