Breast Cancer

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Breastcancer symptoms


Thewebsites mainly explain the symptoms and presentation of breastcancer which is important to the society. Women must understand thesymptoms so that they can detect the disease in time and seek prompttreatment. Delays in the treatment worsen their prognosis. Thewebsites clearly illustrate the macroscopical appearance of thebreast when infected by cancer. The information equips women in thesociety to self-examine themselves before going to the healthpractitioners. I liked the simplicity and clarity of the informationpresentation in the articles which makes it easy for the readers tounderstand the content presented. On the other, the information isnot very much detailed because the websites only provide shallowinformation on breast cancer and its manifestation.

Thecontents of the websites are up-to-date, and this is evident throughthe relevancy of the information in the sites and the date when theywere lastly updated(McGonigle &amp Mastrian, 2015).The information in the websites are relevant both to patients andprofessionals and addresses the symptoms experienced at present.Studies take some time before they are published and reviewed andthus having taken one or two years, the information can be consideredupdated(Anderson, et al., 2013).

Themajor concern from the websites was the simplicity of theorganization of information to the readers. Various topics areorganized systematically so that one can easily click on their topicof interest. However, the website did not give enough information forevery topic they present(George &amp Sabitha, 2013).The article is easy to read and use because one can easily choosewhat they based on the topics presented on the home page and accessthe information they want(Honnegowda, Chan, &amp Lau, 2013).


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