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is an act of aggression and is the use of a higher power or influenceto dominate and control another individual. It comes in manydifferent forms like beating and mocking and has been around for manyyears. is a constant issue that transpires around the world.Anyone could be a victim of bullying anywhere. Measures should betaken to halt this habit because the result can disturb the victimemotionally, physically and socially for a long time in life.Therefore, this essay analyses three viable solutions to bullying inthe society which includes creation of anti-bullying programs inschools, also, the school administration being on the lookout forcases of unreported bullying and parents opening up with theirchildren at a personal level while at home,

II.The Problem

impactschildren the mostbecause they do not know how to deal with it. The harassment cancause them to react violently at that moment or later in life whenthe child becomes an adult. It can also lead them into socialmisconducts like alcohol and or drug addictions. Piotrowski and Hootexplain that bullies are emotionally immature children overcome witha combination of feelings including insecurity, loneliness, and fear.“bulliesmight be popular students who perversely use their social skills topromote violence” (357).Piotrowskiand Hoot(357) adds that bullies turn to bullying as a means of trying to fitback into the society. Bullies derive satisfaction from the fear theydrive in their victims by showing their superiority. It is quitechallenging even for teachers to understand the characteristics of apotential bully. One feature of a bully that can be identified istheir excessive show of self-confidence and authority over others(Piotrowski and Hoot 357)


has been a social misconduct issue for many years. It is not clearwhen it started, but it has been known for a long time. Every year ortwo, there is a school shooting because of bullying. Children havebeen taking away their life because of bullying in school. Over time,people viewed the vice as part of life (Marolyn and Stephanie 14).“Dueto the past and recent school shootings attributed to bullying, nolonger, can parents and educators afford to view of bullying as asimple ‘rite of passage’ that children either go through or mustendure”(14). But the recent extremities such as loss of life has led to thechange of this mode of thinking.

IV.Possible Solutions

Schoolsshould create anti-bullying programs to promote positivity and lovefor the victims of the vice. It brings students closer together andgives the victim hope that they are not hated by people (Piotrowskiand Tennille). The downside of this solution is that victims wouldshy away and not attend these programs that are there to help them.On the bright side, because it has been proven that it does preventbullying in schools. In fact, the program itself helps the bully tofeel like part of the society, and therefore, may change the harmfulhabit. The bully needs counselling and guidance because if they mightcarry the bullying into adulthood and turn into criminals. This stylestands out as the best method to counter bullying because itincorporates cohesion between the involved parties and the society atlarge. The parents and teachers participate in this programs to learnhow to manage both the bully and the victim without creating furtheranimosity.

Parentsshould open up with their children. No one in the world cares aboutchildren more than their parents. Parents should know everything thattheir children are going through both in school and at home. By doingso, the parents have a chance to stop their kids from being bulliedby teaching them how to be confident about themselves (Marolyn andTennille 14). The interaction creates a stronger bond between theparents and the children. The disadvantage of this proposed solutionis that the child may misinterpret the advice and take it to be aticket for a counter attack. The kid may then resolve to fight theoppressors, and this confrontation may cause more injuries or evendeath. Positively, the dialogue gives the child the notion thatsomebody cares and will be more willing to cooperate in the processof seeking a solution.

Thereis no doubt that bullies should be punished hard. No matter how youngor innocent the bully is, the person must be punished severely due tothe oppression committed. Zemanand Lynneeven suggest that they should get suspended or expelled. However, thepunishment should be considerate with the age of the bully. Secondly,the punishment should be accompanied with counselling to help thebully understand the consequences of their actions in addition toaddressing the problems they are facing that might have caused theseactions. The disadvantage is, after the punishment, the bully wouldmake the victim pay the price of the penalty. Unfortunately, thiskind of reaction from the bully shows that neither the punishment northe counselling was effective. On the bright side, the bully willlearn the consequences of committing such a crime, and they canappreciate the benefits of living harmoniously with others. Howardnotifies of the dangers that may arise if the bully is not counselledappropriately before the habit develops. &quotAboy who is a bully at age 8 is three times more likely to commit acrime by age 30 and less likely than others to finish college andlocate good jobs,&quot&nbsp(Howard)

V.Recommended Solution or Plan for Action

Anti-bullyingprograms create a relationship between students. It was proven thatit decreases bullying. The victim learns how to counter the bulliesin alternate ways rather than physical confrontations. The bullies,on the other hand, learn how to solve their problems withoutinflicting pain on others. Unfortunately, Howard Blume points outthat even though there are anti-bullying school programs, there havebeen students who reported they had been bullied in the past schoolyear when the program was running. He says it was because people didnot know their role in the program (LosAngeles Times).The programs should be organised to incorporate the society as awhole including the educators, parents and both the victim andassailant.

Piotrowskiand Hoot state “successfulprograms also require adults associated with the school(e.g., parents, teachers,administrators, and support staff) to receive specialised training inpreventing violenceand bullyinginschools”.The training is necessary more so to the parents they may be lackingthe expert strategies of coping with the act. Moreover, parents areso attached to their children that they would opt for ineffectivemeans of dealing with a bullying scenario. Other parents are toooccupied with other activities like jobs to the extent that they haveno time to bond with their children. Such programs promote theintegration.

TheAnti-bullying programs should be organised to act as the preliminarystages of punishment to the bullies. The program also is a strategicmechanism of sensitising the community about the widespread problemwhich should be addressed immediately. Parents get to learn of thedangers abound in the act and the impacts of the results in regardsto the recent cases of deaths.


Bulliesderive great pleasure from the fear they instil on their victims. Therecipients, on the other hand, have to bear the oppression which mayhave lasting impacts in their life. There are cases of severereactions like suicide bully where the victim opts to killthemselves. Therefore, the society needs to address the ongoing viceby trying out the available solutions like implementing theanti-bullying programs in schools and increasing the parent-childinteraction. The deaths resulting from bullying just shows theseverity of the situation such that the solutions should beimplemented with great urgency. Furthermore, the society stands tobenefit a lot. For instance, a reformed bully will keep off criminalactivities like robberies in addition to saving lives that wouldotherwise be lost to suicide.


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StudentsNameAffiliateInstitutionis an act where individuals take power into their hands andrepeatedly perform some given actions that cause harm to otherpersons. In this case, the recipient gets hurt as he or she becomeshelpless to respond to the doer. Often it is an action that reoccursover time and many a times, and adult people do not get to know whenit happens to the young ones which therefore mean that it continueswhen no action takes place (&quotLong-Term Effects of ,&quot2013). Some of the activities practiced in bullying include threats,excluding one from a gathering and also spreading rumours about anindividual.Howto prevent bullyingTheact of bullying occurs in a large environment, and it is a problemthat requires clear solutions in the environment where they takeplace. First, everyone must get treated with respect in a way that wedo not become mean. In this regard, one is to think first beforedoing something which in the long run can cause pain or harm to theother. Again, for it to get stopped, we have to stand up for othersand be kind to those bullied and inform the responsible individualssuch as parents to enlighten their kids on real virtues to bepracticed (Greene, 2012). Taking an anti-bullying pledge is alsoanother form by which bullying can get prevented as one can sharewith friends and let them k now what he thinks. One can also employthe use of clubs where prevention programs get conducted. In a schoolsituation, talking to teachers can lead to a positive result sincethey will impact real traits while educating the young ones. Peoplelearn in different ways, and they can learn from articles or blogswhich refute bullying.Typesof varies depending on how the action takes place and the kind of harmit causes.Verbalbullying: this is a type of bullying where people get teased, tauntedand many times called by funny names which cause damage.Socialbullying: this type refers to a situation where reputation of aperson gets eroded by using other means such as embarrassing a personin publics, spreading rumours and even separating friendsPhysicalbullying: it involves actions which happen physically such asspitting on someone, hitting, pinching or even destroying someone`sproperty.Tosum up, it is true that bullying is a problem that must getcontrolled as it derailed persons and affected the social life. It isan act which has gained attention and must be taken by the quickresponse to enable people to have a peaceful co-existence (Greene,2012).References

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