Business Needs Evaluation

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Besides laptops, the product development team will requireappropriate software for the creation of digital copies of theflyers, and brochures. Relying on software solutions already in themarket will be most convenient for the company compared to thedevelopment of customized programs, especially with consideration ofthe budget (Jonasson 115). Adobe is one of the companies thatprovides editing software for visual materials that small companiessuch as MilleniAds can utilize. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, andAdobe Illustrator are some of the most reliable solutions availablein the market for as low as $69.99 per month for a package of over 20applications. One of the benefits of using the Adobe package is thatit can be connected to the company’s cloud computing system besidesthe ability to run on different platforms for more flexibility.

Selecting printing machines for flyers and brochures is a challengingtask. Nevertheless, the choices can be narrowed down withconsideration of the business needs. In this regard, it is importantto note that A3 and A5 are typically the largest and smallest printsizes for flyers and brochures simultaneously. On the other hand, itis important to maintain clarity in the printed work and, as aresult, a high-resolution printer is required – over 1000 x 1000dpi. Laser printers produce the best print quality, especially whenit comes to waterproof. Finally, the connectivity of the printer isalso worth consideration such printers are available for less than$2,000.

Another critical consideration is office space, furniture, andsecondary stationary. With one large room measuring 150 square feetto hold 5 employees, a small office for the accountant and officeadministrator measuring 120 square foot, a reception measuring 150square foot and standard office with the same dimensions for the CEO,the total space requirement is around 600 square foot. Calculating atthe price of $1.5 per square foot, the monthly rent will be $900.Other requirements will include 9 desks, 4 file cabinets, 2 receptionchairs, 12 office chairs at an approximated cost of $2000.

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