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RecipientCompany Contact Information


President: Jerry Herring



4505Corey Rd

Winterville,NC, 28590


DearManager (Recipientcompany),

Ihope you are doing well. J$J Merchandizing is an independentcontractor that comes in to support merchandizing companies deliveron projects with critical deadlines. We wish to present a proposal tosupport your esteemed organization in delivering on pendingmerchandizing projects contracted to you, in a subcontractingposition. Kindly review this proposal for a mutually benefitingbusiness relationship between our two companies as a base for futurenegotiations.

ExecutiveSummary (Sant,2012)

J&ampJMerchandising has been an independent contractor with over 70 yearsexperience in offering support to retail merchandising companies in athird party capacity. We have the necessary skills and experience totransform physical outlets into modern and customer friendly spaces.We ensure they are appealing enough but with a strategic presentationthat aims to optimize on the stores’ sales potential. Ourexperience is multifaceted including, managing super-centers,drugstores, variety stores, and food stores among others. We alsocome in to support your company to deliver on urgent projectsincluding merchandizing works during special events like productlaunches, resets, seasonal promotional services, and store openingsfor your clients. The services that we offer to support your companyinclude fixturing, resets, audits, planograms, and signings amongother related merchandising projects around the eastern part of NorthCarolina.


Merchandizingis dynamic and evolves with the changing business environment,especially seasonally. Due to the size and reputation of your companyin offering retail merchandizing services in a variety of outlets,you must have many pending projects at any one time. It is necessarythat you have a back-up or shadow company that can deliver onprojects that you are unwilling or unable to complete on time, atthat moment. This will ensure that you never fail to fulfill projectsirrespective of the business factors and that your capacity todeliver is not limited by the number of pending orders in yourportfolio, their time limits or the scope of your company’soperations.


J&ampJMerchandizing has been in operation for at least 70 years, in theindustry. We have observed trends and the evolution of the retailmerchandizing environment longer than the existence of manybusinesses within our jurisdiction. This has provided us with thenecessary skills and experience to deliver on merchandizing projectsof almost any kind. Through the acceptance of this proposal, we willgenerate a strategic where I will be your shadow company fordelivering on projects that you may be unable or unwilling to deliveron in a third party position.

Weplan to deliver on these subcontracted projects by, carrying outsecondary research to identify the core of the problem and develop aplan of action. We will then present the plan to your company forapproval and recommendations. This will ensure we proceed to work onthe project with an approved plan as a third party. Upon completionof the project, we will arrange with your company to carry out apost-completion review on the job to confirm the solution works asplanned and that your clients’ merchandising problem is eliminated.


Thesoon to be established business relationship will be mutuallybeneficial for our two companies in several ways. Firstly your brandname will never be tarnished by customer complaints on late deliveryof projects. Your organization will have the capacity to bid for asmany projects as they are available considering your company willhave a reliable back-up. Your business will also benefit from ourlong experience in retail merchandizing by ensuring your repeatclients increase in number. This relationship will also free up yourstaff to handling any emerging priority projects at any moment.


J$JMerchandising has a team of very experienced retail merchandizingexperts who are dedicated to ensuring that your company never failsto take a new project due to any prevailing circumstances. We alsopride in the success of our company within the retail industry overthe 70 years and will go an extra mile to maintain the J$J brand. Iappreciate this opportunity to present this proposal for a soon to bemutually beneficial and profitable business relationship between ourtwo companies.


President: Jerry Herring


Weknow retail inside out!


Sant,T. (2012). Persuasives: Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, andContracts.New York: AMACOM Books.