Capital Punishment for the underage

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CapitalPunishment for the underage

CapitalPunishment for the Underage

Juvenileshave time and again been involved in serious criminal activitieseliciting a heated debate as to whether they should be subjected tothe death penalty or not. Many juveniles have been executed in theU.S for capital crimes without the due process being followed toestablish the authenticity of the matter. Personally, I wouldvehemently oppose this barbaric move of executing juveniles.

Reasonsagainst Juveniles` Death Penalty

Executionis immoral

Thedecision to subject juveniles to death penalty devalues the humandignity. It shows how uncivilized and inconsiderate the government istowards human life. No matter the crime committed, capital punishmentamounts to cruelty on the life of a person who is not mature enoughto know good and bad. For a civilized government that cares aboutlife, execution should not be a priority in the criminal justicesystem.

Juvenilescannot make proper decisions

Mostjuveniles who get involved in crime are too young to credible maledecisions. Most of the juveniles fail to understand whatrepercussions would befall them as a result of their involvement inillegal activities (Tarter, 2009). As a parent, when my child hasbeen killed or harmed by another kid, I would propose that theculprit is rehabilitated rather than be killed. That would ensurethat he/she rectifies the wayward behaviors.


Despitethe fact that death penalty among young adults is still being carriedout, the rate of crime perpetuated by this group of people has notsubdued. Execution does not necessarily serve the purpose ofresolving crime, but it aims at punishing the accused. Most childrenare too young to comprehend when their colleagues have been executed,and therefore they usually continue committing a crime.

Crimeis illegal, and each accused person should take responsibility fortheir actions. However, crime cannot be resolved by sentencingpeople to death. Such actions show a high level of backwardness for acivilized society. The justice system should look for alternativesolutions such as rehabilitation to deter capital crimes.


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