Career Coaching

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Thesecret to a successful career and life is proper planning andstrategizing. In the medical profession, nurses and doctors havegoals and objectives to meet: namely, ensure that patients are givenquality health care. The accomplishment of these goals needs thecooperation of all employees – both senior and junior. One way toestablish this cooperation is through career coaching. Careercoaching is where head nurses assist junior caregivers make goodcareer decisions and establish a strategy to help them achieve theirvocation goals. Because career coaching is important for thedissemination of quality health care, the head nurse/counselor has tofollow three steps (information collection, assessing the strategy,and carrying out the coaching) to guarantee its effectiveness.

Thefirst procedure in career coaching is collecting information aboutthe employees (Marquis &amp Huston, 2015). If the head nurse isgoing to coach a certain care giver, then they have to know moreabout their subjects. The head nurse can passively observe theemployee from a distance to identify that person’s strengths andweaknesses. Additionally, head nurses can get more information aboutthe employee they want to coach from the personnel department.

Afterdata collection, the head nurse begins the second procedure ofstrategy assessment (Marquis &amp Huston, 2015). The head nurseanalyses the employee information and looks for a good way to coachthe subject. During this step, the head nurse seeks the counsel ofother administrators and employees. One reason why coaches look for asecond opinion in this stage is because they need to be certain aboutthe subject’s future. Other departments will notify the head nurseabout any changes that may affect their subject’s future work.Consulting helps the head nurse create an effective coaching manualfor their subject.

Thefinal step is the coaching procedure (Marquis &amp Huston, 2015).Both the coach and employee interact and the subject tells the headnurse about their nursing dreams and aspirations. The head nurse getsa chance to understand the employee better and advice them on aproper career development path. Using information from all the threesteps, the head nurse comes up with a conclusive and all-roundedcareer approach for the worker. In other words, the three steps ofcareer coaching improve the accuracy of the coach’s recommendationsfor their subjects.

Inconclusion, career coaching follows three important steps to improveits accuracy. The steps are data collection, strategy assessment, andexecution of the actual process. Every step is important because ithelps the coach familiarize themselves with the subjects.Familiarization enables the coach to create a focused career plan foran individual. A focused career plan caters to the needs and desiresof that specific individual and helps them comfortably achieve theirgoals.


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