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Nursingconstitutes to a large part of the healthcare system. This essayaddresses issues regarding plans for my personal and professionaladvancement in the nursing career. The article will mainly focus onone year to five years timeframes. The central thesis is that it isessential for every nurse to have a well-defined vision and to setrealistic goals regarding their professional future.

Ichose to seek employment in the New Mexico State. According to theresults of research carried out by analysts from WalletHubassociation regarding nursing, the state leads regarding availableopportunities and competition (Newark,Henderson, Santa Ana, Irvine, Fremont, &amp Ranking, 2016).Its current unemployment rate is below 6.8% which is less than thecountry`s average (Gonzalez &amp Lopez, 2013). New Mexico housessome very populous cities such as Santa Fe. The large populationoffers much employment opportunities. To legally provide nursingservices in New Mexico, nurses are required to acquire their licensesin the state or others that are acquiescent with the Nurse LicensureCompact.

Somecriterias have been set by the New Mexico Board of Nursing forobtaining an RN license. For example, one must graduate from a boardthat has been rendered eligible by the panel to prepare registerednurses or should have acquired a conventional level of education in acourse of study that is equivalent to a sanctioned nursing program inthe country. Education credentials for graduates from non-US nursingprograms must be evaluated. The latter are sent to the state`s boardfrom a recognised agency that handles education-credentials issues.For the testing service, they should complete the NCLEX application.The graduates are required to provide information regarding theirdemographics, training status and their practice plans for the nextfive years.

Iwill conduct a search for the Burn Unit and Oncology staff nurse jobswithin 30 miles from my home after relocating to Santa Fe. Theapplication will require the presentation of my BSN degreecertificates as proof of my schooling for the burn unit nursing job.For the oncology one, submission of my responses to the 165 questionsin the certification test titled TestContent Outline,together with my degree certificate. It is a requirement for theapplication of the job.

Withinthe first year, I will ensure that I maintain a holistic life balanceregarding my personal life and in my career as a registered nurse. Iam planning to acknowledge things that I cannot change and come upwith enhanced coping stratagems. Furthermore, I will try to findmentors who embrace good time management. Meditation and ‘time out`will be critical as it will help me ground myself and be able toconcentrate and remain composed. After five years, perfection will bea necessity when dealing with patient safety. Moreover, it will bevital to consider aligning my priorities and ideals between work andhome. My efforts will be directed towards learning from mistakes, andrather than judging people I will try to develop empathy for themand be open to reasonable feedback. Better balance will help me avoidother stressors.

Theprimary causes of stress in nursing jobs include physical labour,long work hours, interprofessional conflicts and emotional demands ofpatients (Eisenhut, 2016). Since the 1980`s budget cuts, increase inworkloads and greater use of sophisticated medical technologies havebeen a challenge for the nurses (Jeffries, (2012). Taking some timeto rest would help to reduce stress associated with physical labourand long working hours. To avoid conflicts may that arise duringworking hours, I would work on my communication skills to ensure Ialways express myself clearly. I will try to show empathy to patientswith emotional problems. More so, I will try as much as possible tobe up to date with the prevailing technological improvements.

Manycolleges in New Mexico such as Central New Mexico offer programs forRNs to acquire Associate Degrees. During my first year, I plan toundertake such a course to advance in education through theacquisition of the degree. I am planning to do the latter in eitherthe Luna Community College or Central New Mexico College. Ifsuccessful, after five years I will pursue a Doctoral program ateither the New Mexico State School or the University of New Mexico.

Withinthe first year, am planning to join the New Mexico Health Association(NMHA) whose primary objective is to provide health services to NewMexicans. It also provides employment to more than 7,400 specialistswho provide long-term care services. Although I will not be in aposition to majorly contribute in monetary terms, I will take part inmost of its activities that are aligned towards the achievement ofits goals. At five years, after which I will have gained muchexperience, I will be able to provide professional services to theassociation and also support the latter by providing funds. As astudent, through Student Nurse Associations, I will come up withproposals through which can improve health services provided in thevarious surrounding colleges. At five years, I plan to invite otherprofessionals who together, we can raise funds to enable theprovidence of health services to needy students who cannot afford topay for their medical expenses.

Inconclusion, New Mexico is one of the best states to seek a nursingjob. There are some requirements for one to acquire an RN license.Every nurse should ensure that they lead a holistic life during theirendeavours. Everyone should make sure that they improve on theireducation status even after getting jobs.


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