Cash Balance Confirmations

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CashBalance Confirmations

SimpleSoups Inc. auditing staff confirmed that Putnam and Jacobs LLPCompany in the closing year of 2016, owes the company a significantnumber of auditor transactions. The overall summation of the companyfinancial year amounted to $1,985,577.5.After the Company did sixoperations, bank accounts were checked, and a statement was issued.The fifth federal bank account became confirmed under theauthenticity of the bank manager who ascertained that Simply SoupsCompany had an overall debt of $478,921.54 (Hanes, Porco, &ampThibodeau, 2013). The bank balances confirmed to be $478,921.54,which translated to a decrease of 2.09% from the previous balance,recorded in the bank account. The Sparkasse-Frankfurt bank accountaudit report confirmed that the cash balance as per 31 December was$235,087.25. The American NorthWest Bank made a debt amounting to$144,019.83 while the records indicated that the bank balances were$144,019.83.

SimpleSoup Inc. confirmed the third BNY federal bank with $ 477,832 andtheir bank statements agreed without exceptions. The bank location isalong 3621 Ave de Lafayette with Betty Smith acting as the bankmanager (BLAZOVICH, 2014). The bank manager attested the figures asmere facts. The firm also confirmed another confirmation with TenthNational Bank with an amount of money which totalled to an amount of$ 301,015.18. Greg Fordham and bank statements agreed into banksheets without exceptions approved this amount of money. The auditfirm confirmed a balance of $ 348,701.60 as per 31 December and thedebit balance of $301,015.18, which agreed as trial balance withoutexception. The audit firm approved $ 309,243.12 with the bank ofcitizens. The bank`s location is along 3621 unions aver Denver underthe management of Denise Bentley. Due to 31 December, the same bankhad confirmed$348,701.60 (Hanes, Porco, &amp Thibodeau, 2013). Theamount, which was the trial balance, agreed without exception.


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