Causes of Procrastination

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Causesof Procrastination

Introductionand thesis statement

Whetherit is being late to start class projects or beginning the class worklate, procrastination seems to be a regular way of life to a numberof students and it is one of the common concerned issues that parentsoften raise. When they procrastinate, they don’t know how tocontrol themselves and their work quality is negatively suffers aswells as being stressed out. This procrastination is a strangebehavior where a student may be willing to do something but stillthey don`t. The students may suffer from two common procrastinationtypes, behavioral and decisional. Behavioral is a self-sabotagestrategy, the strategy permits students to avoid action such asrevising for exams and they shift blame. They may undergo the feelingof low esteem and self-doubt, and this may make them worry about howpeople may make a judgment about their abilities. Failing to performadequately and prolonged procrastination can result in a cycleself-defeating behavior that can result in the reduction ofself-esteem. The other type is decisional procrastination, anddecisional procrastination strategy involves students postponingmaking decision and this is mostly when they maybe dealing withchoices or conflicts (Klingsieck, 2013).They may tend to practice this type when they are afraid of errors. Aquestion may arise what are the causes of procrastination among thecollege students? There are many causes that exist and each may havean effect.


Onepossible cause of procrastination is the fear of failure. This fearmay be from parents and teachers. In fact, all forms ofprocrastination that student’s experiences often have a certaintype of fear at its roots. Human beings are not designed to fail,but to consistently improve and progress. Atychiphobia which is fearof failure can be due to a number of reasons it may be caused byprevious experience that students experienced. And it created atraumatic effect that makes them avoid certain push and task aimed atpreventing the repetition of similar experience (Sirois,2014).The fear of failure maybe connected to low self-esteem andself-efficacy. Students with low–esteem often underestimatethemselves and they may fail to achieve their full potential. Anothercause of procrastination is the mental state of the students. Astudent may suffer from depression which is related toprocrastination. A student who is depressed has a higher likelihoodto be not in the mood of completing various assignments and tasks andthis can contribute greatly in him or her failing exams. (Sirois,2014).The unhealthy mind can be due to insufficient sleep, the diet thatcauses one to feel tired and sluggish and one lifestyle. Excessiveperfectionism is another cause of procrastination in collegestudents, students who is self-perfectionist may have difficulties intaking action unless they are sure they can do task that they willhave total satisfaction on what they have done. This can be difficultwhen they are trying new learning activities or different to what onemay be used to. Excessive perfectionism can cause procrastination asit encourages them to put off the attempt on n assignments until theycan feel they can do such a task in a perfect manner. It is relatedto fear of failure but instead of believing that you can’t succeedall in fear of failure, in excessive perfectionism student’sworries that they cannot meet the passing mark.

Another possible cause of procrastination in college students isrebellion and resistance. Students often use the delaying tactic asway of showing their rebellion against certain expectations, class orschool schedules and parents expectations. There are parents thatmay force their children to take certain course in colleges but theywant to explore other career. Such students are more likely to haverebellion against their courses and this can be a major cause of lowgrades.Skill deficit where the students may have the perception that“I dint know how” is a major reason why they procrastinate. Whenindividual lack ability or skills to complete a specific tasknaturally they tend to avoid such tasks. This can be the case ofstudents that are slow readers such students may tend to postponereading materials such as articles with their main excuse being it isdifficult. Such students may even have distress to admit that theyhave poor reading skills with the aim of avoiding to be seen as“dumb”. Hence such student may choose procrastinating as overfacing their problem and need to improve their reading skills.Besides skill deficit, another cause of procrastination is lack ofmotivation and it is one of the reasons that students give forfailing to carry out certain task. There are students that often havethe perception that they must feel motivated in order for them tocomplete certain tasks. Hence lacking motivation can result to themavoiding various task assignments and projects and this can result infailure in exams.


Definiteanswers regarding the causes of procrastination don’t exist. Thisis because its effect is often far reaching, without positive andconstructive actions which are in a consistent basis it is rear forone to produce significant results. Procrastination is what keeps anindividual locked up and immobilized, getting to where one maybewilling to go, one must overcome procrastination by developing bothmental and emotional capacity.


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