Cellular Respiration

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Similaritiesand Connections Between These Seven Individual’s Deaths

Havingcome from one neighborhood that has individuals dying in mysteriousways is reason enough to believe there is an existence of the sourceof these menace in this region. The death of these seven people has alot of similarities. That comes from the fact that all of them werereported to have taken a drug, Tylenol, right before their death. Itis not automatic that one will die in case they use Tylenol, butextensive use of the drug may cause death or liver failure.

QuestionsTo Ask the Families

However,since patients showed symptoms of dizziness, confusion, headache,shortness of breath and vomiting it will be helpful if you askedfamily members how much of the medicine they took. These are morelikely to be victims of an overdose or wrong prescription by apharmacist within the area because of the administration nature.Parents gave their 12-year-old girl Tylenol to calm down, and deathvictim’s brother and fiancée took the drug that killed them. Thatwas a complete accident for consider taking Tylenol as lifethreatening. The fact that the death occurred within a few hours ofsymptoms also display signs of overdose (Gazdik, 2010).

CellularRespiration Products and Substrates Main Functions

Cellularrespiration involves metabolic reactions which take place in theorganism cells as biochemical energy is converted from nutrients intoATP and release waste products. Glucose is, therefore, an importantin this process since it stores energy when it is broken down and canmake ATP. NAD+ has the ability to accept a pair of electronsalongside a hydrogen ion to become NADH. Pyruvate, on the other hand,feeds the Krebs cycle to keep up the respiration process. NADH is animportant coenzyme that aids with the making of ATP. Glucose is theonly substrate of this process for the rest are considered asproducts.

HypothesisAbout the Affected Pathways

Thereare abnormalities with these victims’ cellular respiration. Sinceevidence of overdoses was just mere speculations, these victims mayhave been using Tylenol for a period, therefore, increasing thelevels of acetaminophen in the body. This component is toxic whenconsumed in large amounts or for longer periods. The human body,however, has a good defensive system. The liver, therefore, producesglutathione which is an antioxidant compound that regulates theeffect of acetaminophen. However, this compound is usually depletedand whenever the body cannot protect itself against acetaminophen onefalls as victims of liver complication or death. That seemed to bethe case of these seven deaths.

Inconclusion, I base this hypothesis on the fact that these deaths werean accident since the victims thought they were taking the medicationin the normal ways. They may have been taking Tylenol time andagain, therefore, leading to complications which caused their deaths.


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