Channels of Distribution

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Channels of Distribution

A&nbspdistributionchannel&nbspisthe path that products follow from the manufacturer to the end useror consumer. It can be direct from manufacturer to the user withoutany middlemen. This mainly happens for services, where the serviceprovider is in direct contact with the user of the service (Koufman,2017).It can also be indirect with many intermediaries in between. Theconcept of supply chain management “refers to the means by whichfirms engage in creating, distributing and selling products.” Thispaper will discuss the distribution channel of a HP Desk Jet printer,manufactured in the USA, and how this product moves through the chainto the end user in different parts of the world.

Thesupply chain begins with the suppliers of raw materials needed formanufacture of the printers (Rosenbloom, 2013). These could besourced from all over the world for but mainly sourced from China. Anexample is&nbspZhuhaiFast Image Products Co., Ltd in China that supplies some arts liketoner and cartridges.This company transports the parts by sea until the port, and thenother means of transport are used mainly like rail or road to theassembly point in the USA.

Themanufacturer will assemble all the parts in to a final printer. Oncethe final product is ready, it will be packaged ready for transportto the various continents’ distributors. From the manufacturer tothe port, rail or road transport is used (Christopher, 2016). Theywill then be shipped to the various continents and countries to theports. Then in the different countries, transport to the variousdealers from the port by rail or road depending on the place.

Distributorsand wholesalers are important as they help break bulk, and sell insmaller quantities as may be required by the others along the chain.As much as they add to the cost of delivery of the product in thechain, their presence is important because the manufacturer may notbe in a position to supply in those small units to the retailers andeventually to the end user of the product (Garg &amp Gupta, 2012).The manufacturing company selects from the available models todetermine the best one to use for their kind of products, to benefitboth the company and the customer.


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